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Welcome to What I Wore Wednesday.

Outfit 1:
My favourite dress from ModCloth (I do realize that I call all my dresses my favourite) (but really- have you checked out the clothes on ModCloth??? I love everything on there and often get cool presents for people from them)  Dress is paired with a BCBG cardigan and nude bamboo nine west pumps.  I wish I would have done my hair this day, but I'm getting lazier the closer we get to summer.

Outfit 2:  I had to take pics in two parts.....coral capris from RW, with wedge shoes (Steve Madden) from Winners.  Top is from Simons.ca.  Mom, these are the pants I got when I exchanged my bday shirt you got me.   FYI.

Outfit 3: Blue capris from Tristan, black top from H&M, black cardi from Simons.

Outfit 4: Black dress/ orange belt from H&M paired with the ever versatile denim jacket.  Michael Kors animal print shoes.  This is my favourite outfit of the week.

Outfit 5: Gap maxi skirt, white Simons top & orange Tristan cardigan.  New necklace from Hautelook.

Outfit 6: Lucy's creation.  She dressed herself.  That top is actually a shirt from her cousin but is a dress on her.  I love that she's wearing her brother's socks and her fancy sandals.  What a girl!

The weekend Pinterest planned my meals

I decided that this past week's menu should be inspired by pinterest- the source of all things great.  I always see recipes that look fabulous, but keep pinning them and never trying them.  Time to change that.
So this weekend, I prepped three recipes that were from pinterest.
The first was a fish taco and mango slaw recipe from Jillian Harris' blog
I order fish tacos usually every time that we go out, trying the different styles from various restaurants.  To date, my favourite are at Original Joe's.  For this recipe I use some pre-packaged sole from Costco and BBQed them on aluminum foil with olive oil and Pampered Chef's Chili Lime Rub.  It had just enough spice that the kids could still enjoy them

The second was a steak recipe that I ended up tripling because we had an impromptu backyard BBQ party when Mike, Ali &kids came up for a day visit.  Sara, Candace and kids also came over to join in the fun.  I was glad to test this recipe out on them and was very pleased with the taste, the easy preparation and the overall cost for this (I bought already thinned strips of something or other from Safeway. It was only 5$ for 3 and the meat was awesome- saved tons of time I would have otherwise spend flattening steaks)
I would definitely make this recipe again!  The only thing I did differently was use soya sauce and a bit of worchestershire as my marinade.  I had kids to feed and didn't want to spice them out.
This was also a super easy recipe to prep in the morning, let marinate and then cook up in the evening after an afternoon of fun!

The last recipe I tried, the sweet potato fries were sadly a fail.  I completely forgot to soak the sweet potatoes in the afternoon, so I hurriedly put them in water and then was rushing to coat them in cornstarch, so I forgot to dry them and then the cornstarch turned to paste, or I added too much olive oil.  In the end, I ended up throwing them in some panko bread crumbs in trying to salvage them.  Fail.  They tasted alright but not awesome.  I'll continue working on the sweet potato tonight.

The rest of the week I have more pinterest recipes lined up and will let you know how they go.  We'll be trying the pork carnitas (but I'm using chicken), the salmon avocado burgers , the spaghetti and the stuffed tilapia....all in the name of cleaning out our fridge/freezer before the big move.
Have a great weekend!

What I wore last week

 Observation- really hard to take full body selfies.
Also? I look tired this week.   I need to start getting more than 7 hours of sleep a night.
Here is my outfit break down

1- This was my favourite of the week, but I couldn't get a full length shot because Lucy was having her nap in my room when I got home.  The jeans are mint skinnies and I had on a pair of leopard print Tom wedges. Denim jacket is old from the Gap and the shirt is BCBG.

 2- Kensie grey dressed paired with my fave colour for spring- coral!  Also loved this outfit, mostly because I got to rock my crazy tall Joe Jeans platform wedges (online from DSW).  Mom got me a nice coral top for my bday (which I had to return because it didn't fit me right) but I got some coral legging capris and this necklace en lieu instead)  The BCBG cardigan was from Bloomie's back when Kyla, Sara and I went.  Kyla MADE me buy it and I'm glad I did.

3- I change my mind- this is my favourite because it was so comfy.  Plus the kids and I were driving out to Humboldt that afternoon for a visit with my cousin and her gang, so it was perfect for travelling.  I just wore a pair of peep toe black flats with it.  I love the infinity scarf (simons) and the long (pajama like) tunic (BCBG from the Bay)  The leggings are runderunders by LuLu.
Lucy decided this would be the day she dances while I got ready and also that she wanted to wear her Cinderella dress to Di-nan's.

4) Thursday's outfit was my new dress from H&M in Toronto. Can you see how it's actually just a long shear dress but a short one underneath?  Paired it with the green Nine West pumps I got there too.
 Favourite necklace at the moment (Amrita Singh)
 5)And that brings us to Friday when I felt like being cozy.  Got this Calvin Klein dress last year at Winner's, but I keep seeing it there.  I have to wear it with a blazer or a jacket because it's a little bit too form fitting for a grade 9 teacher.  Sara and I both have this blazer from Simons. I like it because the cuffs roll up and are polka dots.  Also love the high lighter flats.
But I always love shoes.

This was fun!  Next week I may even do this again, but work on getting more sleep and doing my hair.

A Tapestry of Fortune

I finished one of my favourite author's new book- A Tapestry of Fortune in record time last week. I always find Elizabeth Berg so simple and delightful to read but yet so touching and profound in the message. One of my goals this summer is to collect all her books and indulge myself in her rich narrative that somehow speaks to my soul.
A Tapestry of Fortune was no different from the others I've read. A novel about friendship, letting go and the necessity of good people in your life are all things I can relate to.
As my group of friends grows smaller (not necessarily because I'm losing touch with friends, but I mean smaller in a more intimate way) I can identify with the narrator's ability to see friends as family-as people who you would do anything for.
This past week our circle of friends was pierced with a couple anxiety heightening moments. Candace prematurely had her baby at 30 weeks and Alynne's mom, who is already battling cancer, had a stroke. These are moments that can rock your life at its core- but if you have those solid friendships built around you, you at least have people to fall back on when you need them the most.  I think what moved me the most this week was seeing my separate groups of friends being intertwined and helping each other-despite not really knowing each other.  That makes my heart smile.  It made me realize that we're here for so much more than just ourselves- it's about connections and reaching out and stepping out of our zone to make life beautiful for everyone.
Candace and Mike have a beautiful, strong 3 lb, 8 oz little boy.  Rocco Nash.  They are currently adjusting to life in the NICU.
Alynne's mom is regaining some of her speech and is hoping to make a strong recovery.
In both cases, their friends are doing everything possible to make life a little easier in those more difficult moments.
Seeing people reaching out to others shows me that there's a whole lot more to this life and that's what makes this world beautiful.  My life has been greatly blessed by the friends I have in it and truly is a tapestry of fortune- and that is a richness that money can't buy.

Now I look again at the people gathered in my backyard, feeling a deep appreciation for the events that brought us all together.  We are a convergence of fates, a tapestry of fortunes in colors both somber and bright, each contributing equally to the Whole.
I see how the corner of the Compass quilt lifts in the breeze and resettles itself...How the tree branches filter light into an unduplicatable pattern...How plates have been emptied and filled, emptied again and filled again, and how there is still more.
This is what I want to say.  This is what I want to tell.  But there are no words for it.  There is just the tightening of hands, the spread of an odd pressure across the chest.  There is just hope.
And faith.
And love.

-From A Tapestry of Fortunes- Elizabeth Berg

Crusty breads

If you follow me on Pinterest, you'd see that I posted a couple bread recipes this week.

Yes, bread is still being made on a continual basis in this house.  I am starting to get more confidant in my abilities and have even been branching out.  The past couple weeks, I have been focusing on the more artisan/crunchy breads.
And wow, success they have been.  The first loaf I made lasted a solid 2 hours in our house before the boys had it devoured.  Lucy, however, wanted the crusts removed, which I thought was against the whole point.  But whatevs.

Here is my favourite and easiest recipe so far:

Have a great weekend!  I'm going to try mastering the hot dog bun this weekend.

My favourite things: the workout

I am in a workout groove and that's a statement that isn't said often by me, so let's run with it.  Literally and metaphorically.

3 days a week I've been running 5km for around 30 ish minutes...I'd like to get my distance up but am not too ambitious about that quite yet.  I'm just proud of myself for actually running.  I attempted a run outside last weekend but didn't enjoy it. I had LUcy with me in the big stroller and I forgot how hard that is to push and also- my hands go numb.  So I'll stick to the treadmill, netflix, my Britney cutout and my fancy new running shoes instead.  And the furby.

On my alternating days I do a strengthening workout for my arms/upper back and then to supplement that I have a new favourite app: runtastic.  I got the runtastic situps app for free and have been rocking the routine ever since.  I don't think I've ever done this many situps in my life.  I think it works for me because you have to hold the iphone and bring it with you in the full situp and the counter only goes down when you've done a full situp.  I've since purchased the squat and pushup versions as well so at some point each night I'm meeting my challenge goals.  This has been a super hit for me.  My favourite is the pushup app because you have to touch your iphone with your nose to change the counter.  How fun!

Do you have any secret fitness apps that I need to know about to keep myself moving?????? Please share!

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