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Creating things

Ever since Easter Break, I've been working on some pieces for our new house.  I wanted to have original art  to showcase in our new home and of course, I turned to Pinterest for most of my inspiration.

Here's what I've been up to while creating art for our new rooms:

My personal retreat (aka the closet) is getting some extra attention also.  I've decided to go with a Parisian theme and have been collecting items that will show my love of fashion and french.  This is what I have so far, the other art, I don't have pictures of.

and to end off this post, here is a picture of a random learning experience in our kitchen....

Have a wonderful weekend.

What I wore

Welcome to What I Wore Wednesday.

Outfit 1:
My favourite dress from ModCloth (I do realize that I call all my dresses my favourite) (but really- have you checked out the clothes on ModCloth??? I love everything on there and often get cool presents for people from them)  Dress is paired with a BCBG cardigan and nude bamboo nine west pumps.  I wish I would have done my hair this day, but I'm getting lazier the closer we get to summer.

Outfit 2:  I had to take pics in two parts.....coral capris from RW, with wedge shoes (Steve Madden) from Winners.  Top is from  Mom, these are the pants I got when I exchanged my bday shirt you got me.   FYI.

Outfit 3: Blue capris from Tristan, black top from H&M, black cardi from Simons.

Outfit 4: Black dress/ orange belt from H&M paired with the ever versatile denim jacket.  Michael Kors animal print shoes.  This is my favourite outfit of the week.

Outfit 5: Gap maxi skirt, white Simons top & orange Tristan cardigan.  New nec…

Riding in cars with kids.

Two little girls are in the back seat beside each other on a trip to PA.  Deena and I are listening to them chat, at which point this part of the conversation comes up:

LittleGirl1: Look at this
LittleGirl2: What's that?
1: A Boo-uger
2: What's a boo-uger?
1: A BOO-uger
2: OH.  You mean a boger!
1: A Boo-uger
2: boger.
1: Boo-uger
2: boger
1: It's yellow
2: ya.  You better eat that.

At which point I yell no and Deena jumps back in there with a tissue.

The things I hope for. Kid version.

Willis, you will be a sports fan all your life,  but cheer for the right reasons- because you love the game.  Don't give up when your team is down and learn to support them through thick and thin.  So much character can be built when you can learn to lose with dignity and grace or to win with humility.

Lucia, as a girl, you will be bombarded with reasons why you should diet.  Please don't jump on a bandwagon of recent diet fads.  Learn early the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and working out/eating right to be fit and strong- not skinny.

Children, say thank you and you're welcome.  Be grateful and acknowledge the important people in your life.  Please don't get stuck in a bubble that shuts you out from the outside world.

Make many friends and keep the good ones close to your heart.  Protect them and their friendship with everything you have- they'll be the ones beside you throughout your entire life.

Take a deep breath and breathe when you get stres…

Willis and the point system

Willis is competitive- we get that.  He is so competitive, in fact, that we've decided (by fluke, I must add) to use that to our advantage.

In order to get Willis going that extra step- we've developed a point system that rewards good behaviour.  Once Willis gets 150 points- he gets to play 30 minutes of Wii.  He is awarded points for random things (and this was such a fluke that there's really no rhyme or reason to why our points are rewarded or for the quantity- and I'm a teacher....) (Will work on that when he catches on)
He gets 50 points when he takes the bus home after school (not his favourite thing to do, but gives me an extra hour to get things done)
He'll get points for helping out around the house when not asked.  He'll win some for cleaning up, helping his sister or anything out of the ordinary that we don't expect.
Point being, he does something good- he gets rewarded.

Now I've spent sometime arguing this in my head, thinking of ways thi…

Last year

I see Lucia every day- so to me, when I'm asked if I think she's grown since we've started the treatments, I respond with...I think so?   But when I looked back on our pictures of last year's May Long and can clearly see how's she has transformed from baby to young lady, then that change becomes evident.   She is getting bigger and not only has grown physically but in leaps and bounds in vocab and personality.
I love May Long weekend and last year was like none other.   It was a memorable May Long spent at Elkridge, witnessing the marriage of Chris and Marina.  Beautiful weather paired with stunning surroundings made it a great time to be together with family.  I loved Chris and Marina's wedding- it was personal and intimate and really showcased their love for each other.  Congrats on celebrating your one year, dearest sister and brostar in law.
A lot can happen in a year. People change, life changes, there are ups and downs.  But looking back on these picture…

Things I'll miss

I'm at the point with this house that I'm over it.  I'm done.  I'm ready to move on.   It was like that with the house in Warman too and I often wondered if I would miss parts of it- I don't, really. I think it'll be the same with the Baillie house.  There are parts of it that I really like, but nothing that I'll be super sad to see go- aside from the proximity to my sister.  
But then I had a bath and I remembered my favourite time in this house- it's when the sun is setting in the master bathroom.  The most beautiful glow takes over the room and that is something I will miss.
Have a great long weekend.

House update- one month to go

In exactly one month from now we'll be moving into our new home. I'm so excited that I can barely sleep at night- but I better settle down...a month is still a long time.
Originally we were supposed to be in our house March 5, but there was a hold up with SaskPower and then our house took awhile to sell, so I'd say it all worked out in the end.  Plus we didn't have to move in the snow or live through the melt and the mud.
We lose possession of this house June 3, which leaves me with exactly 17 days left to pack up before the moving truck shows up on the 31st to bring our haul to storage.  17 days feels like a lot of time, but when I look at what's left in my house- I feel overwhelmed, which then makes me want to pour myself a glass a red and ignore the jobs to be done.  Counterproductive o'clock.
I've been packing since after Christmas and did tons over Easter Break.  After this weekend, I'll be down to the things we'll need until the minute we mov…