3 purple lies

When I need them the most.

My monthly supper dates with my girlfriends are becoming a needed routine in my life. It's almost like a therapy session that leaves me feeling refreshed, recharged and in love with my life. And to be frank, sometimes I need that reminder.  I tend to fall into a funk and I can get down and overwhelmed and sometimes I just need the company of my friends to bring me out of it.  Or some window shopping. Or both.

This past week was a week like that: single parenting while Dan was working away, tired of work, tired of snow and grey skies, tired of kids whining and easily overwhelmed with everything that got thrown my way.  I needed a break badly.
And a break I got.  The BFF was in PA for the first time in over a year, so it was a no brainer for me to drive home for the day on Saturday so Mom and Dad could have some coveted one on one time with Willis and Lucia, which would give me the rare chance to have some one-on-one time with Christy.  We giggled and caught up over lunch and a wander at Winners.  I also got a chance to see Alicat, whom I also haven't seen in ages.
And just like that, I was starting to feel more like myself.
Sunday would top the day off with a playdate with the group of girls and a chance to reconnect and find that joy that was squashed down somewhere deep within me.
We all get rundown and this weather hasn't been helping, but what we need to do is find that something that can bring us back up and put the important things back up on the plate: Friends. Family. Good company.
And of course, shoes.

I feel so much better after this weekend.
Thank you, friends.


  1. Soo great seeing you this weekend! Put a smile on both mine and Michael's faces. We need to make an effort to do that more often. Love ya! Ali


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