3 purple lies

Two month update and then some.

Lucia has come a long way in the mere two months that we have been giving her the growth hormone injections.
We've gone from tears (mostly mine in the beginning) to her not so subtle acts of persuasion (after the chocolate, mommy) to her taking the needle now without a fight or most importantly to my sanity- without tears.
She knows the needle is coming and sometimes even goes as far as reminding us to take it out and get it ready.
My parents watched the kids last weekend and got to experience needle time, which happily did not contain any tears.  Dad did also get a cute video of Lucia.

And in other news:
Lucia mostly only refers to Willis as Brother.
Willis gets super excited when it's a school day.
Lucia is obsessed with Mary Poppins and Snow White.
Willis' new favourite Blue Jay is J.P. Arencibia.

Willis in his worker clothes to help Dad change tires

Lucia wanted to help

And that is all.
Have a great weekend!