3 purple lies

Through the eyes of my son.

      Monday night Willis and I were watching the Jays' game (as usual) while completing a puzzle.  In our house, if there is a Jays' game on, you can bet that we have the tele on and are going about our normal routine while tuning in here and there to the game.  Willis has become quite adept in all things baseball and I am more than thrilled to answer his questions which usually vary from: what's 2 strike hitting to what happened to Jose Reyes.  He knows who can hit, who can steal and all the players' numbers.

       So on April 15th, while we were watching the game, Willis noticed that all players were sporting the number 42.  "Mom, why isn't J.P wearing his 9?" inquired Willis.  And that's when I attempted to launch into a summary of the life of Jackie Robinson, what it means to be segregated because of your race and the importance of respect...all for the ears/mind of a 5 year old, of course.

       Now Willis knows what bullying means and he understands that we have to be kind to everyone (I can only hope he'll act that way too) but I'm pretty sure he has no concept of what racism is and the hardships people endure/have endured because of the colour of their skin.  Willis has classmates who are of different nationalities so the different shades skin comes in shouldn't be of surprise.   At what point/age do kids learn hate and where do they learn it from?  On the weekend I went to see 42 with Candace and Kyla and I have to say that is a must see movie.  Not only because it's a ball movie, but because of the heart wrenching story of what Mr. Robinson endured.  It's a reminder of how cruel and narrow minded people can be.  But mostly of how impressionable the minds of young children are.

     Back to my perceptive young ball aficionado.   After I had explained everything I thought he could handle, I asked him:  "Willis, what colour is Edwin's (Encarnacion) skin?"  Willis considered this for a moment or two and then replied, "I don't know."

Children have such a simple perspective on life and see things so innocently.  If only we could stay that way forever. All I know is that I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure he continues to view life with love.


  1. wow - reminds me of my favourite story when kyla was around 3 or 4.


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