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The faces of a mom

I recently read a very powerfully written article by a mom about the self-consciousness I think all moms experience at some point.  You know that feeling: you feel gross, you feel ugly, you feel untrendy and out of place most of the time.  Why are we constantly judging ourselves??
I have definitely been victim of this syndrome and know that I need to work on my self-image because that is likely the image that my kids will have of me.  They mimic the things we say and I don't want them seeing me as anything but confidant and happy.
Happy girls are the prettiest~ Audrey Hepburn.

If anything, this article made me really think about how I portray myself in the eyes of my kids.  I want to smile more, and be more present in their everyday.  I really wish there were more pictures of me with them, but as it usually is, I'm the photog and the one usually behind the camera.

That is, unless my Dad's camera is around.  I have the tendency of always snitching it and taking a goofy self portrait, so much that he found 92 images of me on his computer.  And of course, Kyla had to be bratty and make a video.

I'm sharing this because it makes me uncomfortable.  There are images that make me want to cringe.  But I'm pushing myself to be more self-acceptant and what the heck, why not have a laugh while I'm at it.

medium 640x360 from Dee on Vimeo.


  1. You're a hottie in every one of them babe.

  2. I agree with Dan. You have the most beautiful smile Deena!


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