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Happy Birthday, me

Today is my 34th birthday and I'm spending it in Toronto, with my husband, having some much needed husband and wife time.
I talk a lot about the importance in my life of working on relationships and keeping those important people close and sometimes I forget about the most important player in my life: my husband.  It's so easy to take for granted, him being there everyday, that we tend to put more time into everything else in our lives, just assuming everything will be status quo.  But marriages need work too.

So for my 34th, when mom offered to take the kids for a weekend, we decided it'd be a great chance for Dan and I to get away.   Off to Toronto we were, last night where we can go out for suppers and actually sit down to eat.  And look at each other. Gasp.  We can sleep in and come and go as we please.  And to make me really happy, watch a couple Blue Jays' games. :)

It is the perfect present for me and it may seem odd.  How many women desire MLB games as their present?  Well this girl does and I have been going to Jays' games for 10 years.  This love of ball comes from my parents and is a love that we share in my family...actually, Brother Rob and Girlfriend Jen are the only two who need Blue Jay shirts....
I love that my athletic, but non professional sports enthused husband will accompany to these's something that we can share together and will definitely see the Simair family doing often over the years.  (Willis was heartbroken that we wouldn't be bringing him.  I was also. But I was also sad that we wouldn't be seeing Jose Reyes play)  (next time)  (when we bring the kids).

Anyway.  I'm a year older.  A year happier and fulfilled and have finally found a place in my life where I have achieved the balance I so much have desired since entering this crazy motherhood thing.  It's been a great week of celebrations with Dan's parents before their big trip to Spain, with my girls over supper and with my family when we return.

So cheers. Here's to aging and growing  old and loving everything that surrounds you.  I''ll be at the game tonight, loving the beer, the hotdogs, the husband and our Jays. And missing our kids, of course. Thanks again to wonderful parents for taking my kids on for a weekend! Lucia needles et all!

Have a great weekend.


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