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Easter Break 2013

A whole week at home with my kids.  Where do I even begin?  Well, lets start with our most important celebration- Easter.  Easter is a time for rejuvenation for me and when I get to spend this special weekend with the fam-it makes it so much more special.

I'd just like to point out the difference from last year's pics to this years:
Same yard and pretty much same weekend. Oy. What made it even more cold was the fact that all the other aunties were raking their lawns while we were up to our knees in the white stuff.  But snow aside, we had some great outdoor fun and even more importantly a fantastic family visit.
last year:
this year :(
The rest of the week was spent:
 packing and prepping for an upcoming move, also building castles out of boxes

making some paintings for the new house:

celebrating hard work:

watching the Blue Jays' Home Opener:


OH, and I got a tattoo....more on that next week:


  1. what? ah ha!!! that ink drawing wasn't for nothing!!! well i never.


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