An outfit a day keeps the winter blues away


When I went back to work in January after Christmas break, I decided I was going to cycle through my shirt rack, only wearing what was up next and getting rid of it if I couldn't put together an outfit.  Well, 2 months later I got through everything and am very happy with the process.  Not only did it force me to decide what was worthy to stay in my wardrobe but it also kept me very entertained during the long, dark months in the dead of winter when I'd rather wear my onesie pajamas to work.

Now that spring is around the corner legit here and I have been daydreaming in floral prints and pastel colours; I have a new agenda.  I'm going to do the same thing (having already packed away the winter clothes and substituted the spring stuff) but this time I'm going to take a picture of my outfit and give you weekly outfits.

Like my BFF, I love following fashion blogs and am often inspired by the outfits that they assemble.  Some of my favourites to follow are: possessionista, Sincerely Jules, the Cherry Blossom Girl, Jillian Harris, Coco and Vera or Kensie Everyday.  But mostly I find the outfits I like on pinterest.  A well pieced together outfit can boost my mood and self-esteem even on the dreariest days.

Here are some pictures of the end of my winter rotation before I get the spring outfits going.

Black and Brown.  What this outfit needs is a good statement necklace, now that I look at it.  Also- what's with the bear?

Fun dress with a pop of colour in the heels and a black cardigan for the ever changing climate of my classroom.  Also not ready to rock the bare arms yet.  More on that Wednesday.
This is by far my fave.  A nice sheer top, longer in the back and  gold jewelry.

I realize now that I should have done my hair for this picture.  But I like the blues.

This was more a pic to show off my new necklace to the BFF who knows how to accessorize!

And just for shits and giggles- me rocking my Grade 12 grad dress.  Yes, it still fits, but let's just say I fill it out way
better /more than when I was 18.
Stay tuned for some spring inspired outfits!


  1. I love this post! I can't wait to see all the outifits you put together. Great idea :)

    PS - Great necklace!

  2. I'm with Christy. I love this post. I admire your fashion sense and am anxious to see all the outfits you put together.


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