3 purple lies

A weekend away

This past weekend was the first time Dan and I have been away- just the two of us, since April of 2008.  Willis was only 9 months only and it was our first time away from him.  I'm pretty sure we left our parents with an actual manual on everything Willis.  We went to Vancouver for my bday and it looked something like this:

Fast forward 5 years and it's my bday again and the first time Dan and I have been able to get away, minus our 5th anniversary in San Fran when I was preggers with Lucia.  This time we chose Toronto so Dan could get some work visits in and I could see some Jays.  It was a great time to spend with my hubby and I must say that it felt good to be just us again.  Conversations were entertaining and easy and I really think it did our relationship wonders to be able to refocus on us.  This time, the trip looked like this:

Beautiful view of Lake Ontario from hotel room
Birthday morning shopping
Can't leave without a new pair of shoes.

My first oyster bar experience

Ball park hot dog.

a couple Jays games that didn't see them win, but were awesome to be at anyway

Great meals
It made it easy to leave knowing my kids were having a blast with my parents.  We got home yesterday to some very cute faces and tuckered out grandparents!