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An outfit a day keeps the winter blues away

When I went back to work in January after Christmas break, I decided I was going to cycle through my shirt rack, only wearing what was up next and getting rid of it if I couldn't put together an outfit.  Well, 2 months later I got through everything and am very happy with the process.  Not only did it force me to decide what was worthy to stay in my wardrobe but it also kept me very entertained during the long, dark months in the dead of winter when I'd rather wear my onesie pajamas to work.

Now that spring is around the corner legit here and I have been daydreaming in floral prints and pastel colours; I have a new agenda.  I'm going to do the same thing (having already packed away the winter clothes and substituted the spring stuff) but this time I'm going to take a picture of my outfit and give you weekly outfits.

Like my BFF, I love following fashion blogs and am often inspired by the outfits that they assemble.  Some of my favourites to follow are: possessionista

Two month update and then some.

Lucia has come a long way in the mere two months that we have been giving her the growth hormone injections.
We've gone from tears (mostly mine in the beginning) to her not so subtle acts of persuasion (after the chocolate, mommy) to her taking the needle now without a fight or most importantly to my sanity- without tears.
She knows the needle is coming and sometimes even goes as far as reminding us to take it out and get it ready.
My parents watched the kids last weekend and got to experience needle time, which happily did not contain any tears.  Dad did also get a cute video of Lucia.

And in other news:
Lucia mostly only refers to Willis as Brother.
Willis gets super excited when it's a school day.
Lucia is obsessed with Mary Poppins and Snow White.
Willis' new favourite Blue Jay is J.P. Arencibia.

And that is all.
Have a great weekend!

A year since she left

Today is the day that marks one year since Grandma Diehl passed away.  I feel like I could go on about how much she meant to me, how much I miss her and how much I've come to realize the importance she had in the lives of so many people.
But I really think I'd be repeating myself.
I know I was blessed to have had a fantastic Grandmother who was an incredible role model for so many. I know that.  So to honour her this day, I'll go back and re-read the posts I wrote a year ago.

Upon dealing with death.
The things we'll remember
A special post
The lessons I've learned. Part 1
The lessons I learned. Le 2
It's on a day like to today that I'm very glad that I still am going at this blog.  For me, it is a way to capture all the special moments and be able to pass them on to my children.  Some day, when Willis and Lucia read this, they will know how important my Grandma was in my life.
And on that note, I'd like to introduce you to one of my new ende…

A weekend away

This past weekend was the first time Dan and I have been away- just the two of us, since April of 2008.  Willis was only 9 months only and it was our first time away from him.  I'm pretty sure we left our parents with an actual manual on everything Willis.  We went to Vancouver for my bday and it looked something like this:

Fast forward 5 years and it's my bday again and the first time Dan and I have been able to get away, minus our 5th anniversary in San Fran when I was preggers with Lucia.  This time we chose Toronto so Dan could get some work visits in and I could see some Jays.  It was a great time to spend with my hubby and I must say that it felt good to be just us again.  Conversations were entertaining and easy and I really think it did our relationship wonders to be able to refocus on us.  This time, the trip looked like this:

It made it easy to leave knowing my kids were having a blast with my parents.  We got home yesterday to some very cute faces and tuckered out …

Happy Birthday, me

Today is my 34th birthday and I'm spending it in Toronto, with my husband, having some much needed husband and wife time.
I talk a lot about the importance in my life of working on relationships and keeping those important people close and sometimes I forget about the most important player in my life: my husband.  It's so easy to take for granted, him being there everyday, that we tend to put more time into everything else in our lives, just assuming everything will be status quo.  But marriages need work too.

So for my 34th, when mom offered to take the kids for a weekend, we decided it'd be a great chance for Dan and I to get away.   Off to Toronto we were, last night where we can go out for suppers and actually sit down to eat.  And look at each other. Gasp.  We can sleep in and come and go as we please.  And to make me really happy, watch a couple Blue Jays' games. :)

It is the perfect present for me and it may seem odd.  How many women desire MLB games as their p…

Through the eyes of my son.

Monday night Willis and I were watching the Jays' game (as usual) while completing a puzzle.  In our house, if there is a Jays' game on, you can bet that we have the tele on and are going about our normal routine while tuning in here and there to the game.  Willis has become quite adept in all things baseball and I am more than thrilled to answer his questions which usually vary from: what's 2 strike hitting to what happened to Jose Reyes.  He knows who can hit, who can steal and all the players' numbers.

       So on April 15th, while we were watching the game, Willis noticed that all players were sporting the number 42.  "Mom, why isn't J.P wearing his 9?" inquired Willis.  And that's when I attempted to launch into a summary of the life of Jackie Robinson, what it means to be segregated because of your race and the importance of respect...all for the ears/mind of a 5 year old, of course.

       Now Willis knows what bullying means and he und…

When I need them the most.

My monthly supper dates with my girlfriends are becoming a needed routine in my life. It's almost like a therapy session that leaves me feeling refreshed, recharged and in love with my life. And to be frank, sometimes I need that reminder.  I tend to fall into a funk and I can get down and overwhelmed and sometimes I just need the company of my friends to bring me out of it.  Or some window shopping. Or both.

This past week was a week like that: single parenting while Dan was working away, tired of work, tired of snow and grey skies, tired of kids whining and easily overwhelmed with everything that got thrown my way.  I needed a break badly.
And a break I got.  The BFF was in PA for the first time in over a year, so it was a no brainer for me to drive home for the day on Saturday so Mom and Dad could have some coveted one on one time with Willis and Lucia, which would give me the rare chance to have some one-on-one time with Christy.  We giggled and caught up over lunch and a wa…

OMG, I made that.

Month 3 of bread making is down and I'm still powering through recipes and loving every minute of it.  I am going to step it up a notch, however.
On top of making bread, I'm going to add buns to our repertoire.  We will every other week or so, buy buns for hot dogs, hamburgers, why shouldn't I make them too?  I plan out my meals for the week, so I know when the bun days are coming.
I took this idea to the oven on Saturday and made a honey-wheat crescent roll recipe from my weight watchers cookbook.  HOLY CRAP THEY WERE GOOD!  I actually couldn't believe I made them.  They were so good that half the batch was gone within an hour (Robbie and Kyla visited- we're not that crazy)

And while we're on the topic of me rocking the kitchen, I should share this salmon recipe that has my kids asking for seconds.  (Christy, this is the one I've been wanting to share with you)
I'll have to remember to cook more salmon the next time as Willis and Lu…

Summer reads

I have already started my summer reads list and I'm getting very antsy to be able to think about nothing other than what book I'm going to read next.  First off though, let's get rid of this snow.

As for my books, this is what is on my reading list thus far.  Last year you guys provided me with some great  suggestions, so please feel free to add some more and I'll start collecting them!

Other books that I'm super excited to read:
Diana Gabaldon's new book in December.
The third book in the Divergent series in October
The new Sophie Kinsella book : Wedding Night (April 23)
Elizabeth Berg's new one: Tapestry of Fortune (yesterday)

The ink

So I did it.
I spent my entire after high school until about year ago life saying: I will never get a tattoo.  They are far too permanent.  I'll get a poster instead.
But after an unforgettable journey to Scotland with my brother and sister two years ago, I started warming to the idea.  What could we do to commemorate our adventure? A tattoo was the idea thrown around for a good year when we finally decided that we would all get inked together.
Now Rob and Kyla both have tattoos, I'm the only one who needed convincing and oddly enough, I was the first one to finally get it done.
First we started with the idea of having three words that were important to us.  For me, it would have been Faith, Hope, Love.
Then when I really started thinking about tattoos, I figured I would need three.  One to represent my faith, the second for my linguistic/cultural background (french) and lastly something with my family.
As for placement, I fell in love with a couple tattoos I found on pinterest:


Easter Break 2013

A whole week at home with my kids.  Where do I even begin?  Well, lets start with our most important celebration- Easter.  Easter is a time for rejuvenation for me and when I get to spend this special weekend with the fam-it makes it so much more special.

I'd just like to point out the difference from last year's pics to this years:
Same yard and pretty much same weekend. Oy. What made it even more cold was the fact that all the other aunties were raking their lawns while we were up to our knees in the white stuff.  But snow aside, we had some great outdoor fun and even more importantly a fantastic family visit.
last year:
this year :(
The rest of the week was spent:
 packing and prepping for an upcoming move, also building castles out of boxes

making some paintings for the new house:

celebrating hard work:

watching the Blue Jays' Home Opener:


OH, and I got a tattoo....more on that next week: