The things my kids teach me

by - March 13, 2013

I like to just sit and watch my kids play and interact, mostly with a coffee in hand.  They can be so entertaining when they're working together.  But the entertainment aspect aside, they can also open a window that's a lot more personal. They are truly reflections of us and I often sit in awe when I see myself in them, whether its a particular reaction that I make or they show a mannerism that is exactly like Dan.

I have learned so much about myself from my kids.

The way Willis needs space and time.  I can't change plans or throw something new on him- he needs time to soak it in and adjust, like his mom. I know that when I'm frustrated or stressed or feeling challenged, I need to step back to somewhere quiet so I can adjust/wrap my brain around it or just breathe.  Willis is very much like that also.  If you have 100 people barking orders at him- he caves.

Lucia loves to laugh and giggle and has showed me the importance of finding humour and the good in everything.  I like to think I do that- even though I know I can get stressed and overwhelmed as well.  I love a good laugh and lately Lucia has been doing this to cope with needles.  Yup, she giggles through them.  Okay, sometimes she cries, but mostly she needs that positive stimulation to keep her head up.

Both of my kids need their alone time, like me.  My staycation was an example of that.  I just get to the point sometimes where I just need 24 hours of quiet to bring my gears back to where they should be.  I think my kids are going to be like that also.  They play and fight very well together, but they also like to have their quiet, alone time to centre themselves.

It's so true that our kids are a perfect reflection of us.  I love seeing these qualities come out in them- even though there are some I wish they wouldn't inherit, shoe shopping aside.

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  1. Your kids are so adorable. They should be models - just putting that out there!


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