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The staycation

I got an impromptu treat this weekend: a staycation.  Dan decided on Thursday that he'd take the kids to see his parents for the weekend and because I had a ball practice scheduled, I was staying back.  
But then ball was cancelled and it turned into a treat of a weekend for me to do whatever I want.   This is probably the best gift Dan could ever get me and likely the cheapest because I didn't even buy the shoes/dresses/jackets I liked at Winners.

I didn't even know where to start with my gift of time and solitude, so I created a wishlist of the things I'd love to do that you kind of lose the luxury of doing when you have a young family.

What I wanted to do:

After I wrote that list I ended up adding to it......things like get a blizzard, get groceries, go to Walmart, read the book for Book Club, sleep in, stay in my pajamas as long as possible......

What I accomplished:
Almost everything!  Except going to Sears and Leons (this week's list instead), bringing up my spring clothes (postponed until Spring), sending out an email about my Grandma project (did something else related instead), get a massage or facial (massage this week, forget the facial) and go to Church (oops, slept in.)

I was quite proud of myself and was feeling really great on Sunday when the family came home. My favourite thing I did?  Okay, there are a couple.
1-went out for supper with myself to a new sushi joint in town.  I love supper dates with myself, it's a nice chance to veg and read a book.  The sushi was fantastic too.  I even went and got a blizzard after for Kyla and Rob (and me!) I always crave ice cream after I eat sushi.
2-got theatre popcorn with Kyla and watched Justin Timberlake on Saturday Night Live (we both went back to our own homes) (we're weirdos).

It's going to be a great week, I can feel it.


  1. Love this! Nicely done, Deena (and Dan!).


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