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on Willis growing up

I remember when Dan and I were contemplating starting a family; we would spend our nights day dreaming about what our children would be like and whose qualities they would inherit.
Would they get Dan's height?  My music ear? My teeth?  Dan's skinny calves? Dan's weird ability to do math quickly and balance budgets? 

Like any eager parent to be, anticipating bringing a child into the world, our hearts were full of wishes and hopes; never really knowing what the road to parenthood would bring.  There were ups and downs and unexpected turns.  Never did we think it would take us over a year to conceive a child; but never could we have imagined how much joy that moment would bring when we finally had a positive.   Parenthood is definitely a journey, but a journey worth taking.

Enter our first born, Willis and like any first born, we spent most of our time in awe, in totally amazement at everything baby related.  Every movement, every change was documented and always, we were thrilled and proud.
In so many ways, he was the baby of our dreams.

Fast forward almost 6 years and our little boy is continuing to amaze us.
Willis had round two of parent teacher interviews this week and as a huge first- he received his first report card.
Now report cards have changed significantly over time, as curriculum and strategies are constantly evolving. So it didn't look anything like what we knew.  Note to self: I should try to locate my old report card when I'm packing, to do a comparison. That'd be neat to see.
I was excited to see what kind of results we'd see with him- nothing would be a surprise as we've spoken with his incredible teacher, but still....a report card for our boy.  What kind of learner would he be?
Really it comes down to our basic wishes that we could have named, even before our child was Willis.  We desired for him/her to be kind, respectful and have a love for learning.  Obviously academics are going to be important to us, but right now what is important is his ability to relate to others and learn how to navigate this world in a respectful, dignified manner.
And he does. And this momma is filled to the brim with pride.
This boy has his mom's social game and his Dad's brain.
We are more than thrilled to see that he loves to earn and isn't causing any problems in class.  Right now, in this moment, Willis is succeeding and we feel blessed, recognizing that life changes and problems are sure to arise on this crazy journey of parenthood.
I wish and I hope that he continues to be blessed with passionate teachers who can foster that will to learn and help him achieve his dreams.

Today, we are on cloud nine.  I would love to go back to that Deena and Dan of the past and tell them that their greatest wishes would come true.
Your son will be fine.  He has his mother's strong legs, his Dad's height, his Mom's stubborness, his Dad's inquisitive mind, his Mom's love of friends.......
But most important of all?  He has a family who will love and support him no matter what he encounters in life.

And now on to the first report card day celebrations.

First a good walk while Mom does her weights:

Then a movie, Rise of the Guardians, picked by Will

Explaining report to Dad

And pizza, of course!

Have a blessed Easter weekend.


  1. Great job, Willis!
    Awesome last photo of him, Deena!


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