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Guest Update on Mme. Deena

N.B- with no prompting/nagging from me, husband decided he needed to blog right this instant.  So he did.  Here we go......


When Deena decided that she was going to be moving to teaching 3/4 time this year, I was somewhat concerned.  Deena doesn't do bored, so my mind was racing trying to figure out what type of business she was going to start or just how often she was going to re-decorate the house.  I am rather pleased however with how things turned out.

As odd as it sounds, I actually think Deena now works MORE hours teaching each day.  Maybe it's coincidental and it's just the extra energy she has from her routinized workouts (which I guess she can now do during her peak energy hours).  Deena always talks about how fortunate she has been in her teaching career with the overall quality of the kids that she gets to teach, so I don't think it's just a good batch of kids this year.  Whatever it is, Deena is again on a tear similar to when she first started teaching; studying material she'll be teaching, making brand new lesson plans (after 10+ years teaching, she could just be recycling by now), incorporating new teaching styles or (her favorite) working social media into her teaching.  Most nights now, the routine is supper, sleep the kids and then we'll both get to work before watching a tv show and zombie stalking to bed.

The other main project I'm sure is keeping Deena out of trouble as of late is of course the new house.  Selling the current house aside, I can't believe just how easy the new build has been.  I cannot relate to anyone talking about how much work a new house can be.  It's super simple - we have a great developer (Norwood Developments) and whenever decisions need to be made, Deena takes care of it.  Stress free process I tell you.  :)

So that about sums up my rant/update on Deena.  My beer should be about poured by now I figure, so I'll go sip my brew and get a backrub I think.  Cheers.