3 purple lies

From the outside

I often wonder what people see when they are observing our family.  Confession:  I love people watching and one of my guilty pleasures is observing the dynamics in other families.  Put me on a bench, in the mall, with a coffee and I'm a happy camper.

I know people are watching us because every single time we go out, we get comments on Lucia's size and if we don't get comments, we still get the deer in headlights stare.  I should really start recording them for entertainment purposes.  Last week when I had the kids at Co-op, I was paying and Lucia was playing in the cart, the cashier gave me the she's really too young to be walking.  Most of the time people are shocked when I say she's almost 3.  Dan had the kids at Walmart last week and the cashier started baby talking to Lucia can you say baby, little girl? and Willis looked at her and said she's 2.   I know this used to bug me, I'm glad I'm at a place now that I can laugh and secretly blog about them ;)

But sometimes it can go the other way.

In this particular instance, there was another young family sitting one booth away from us and being we were the only two tables in the restaurant  (because only young families go for pancakes at 4:00 at Grainfields) it was easy to overhear their conversations.  Not like I was purposely listening, I'm not that crazy of a people watcher.
At one point I had walked Lucia to the bathroom and like any other moment I have, they were watching.  In this case, after we had returned, I had noticed the mom was talking a bit louder, almost in that purposely loud voice, wanting you to hear her voice.  She became almost apologetic at this point, talking to her little boy (my guess he was 2), saying things like: don't worry you'll be talking soon.  It took me a moment to catch on to what was happening: it was like she was feeling guilty that her son wasn't as developed as my obviously young child.  I mean, Lucia looks like a 15 month old and to see her walking, talking and likely jumping around must be flabbergasting   But this is the first time that someone has seemingly felt bad about their kid...usually its me.  Sigh.

It's strange how perceptions can change if I just look at something from another angle. I wish people moms would stop being so hard on themselves and feel confidant in what they do so wonderfully.  I know that my whole outlook on parenting has changed since we've been placed in the observed category.

Have a great weekend.