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a month down....

and 29 needles later, we are a month into our growth hormone treatment for Lucia and wow, have we learned a lot.

I will never forget those first couple needles and how a very overwhelming, yet seemingly easy task can push me over the edge.  I think I cried for the first week after every single time we had to do it- it was more difficult than I thought it would be.
But we've gotten used to it (somewhat) and Lucia is getting better with it (sometimes) and our new routine is (somehow) easing it's way into our lives.

What has changed?   Well Lucia is getting VERY good at her manipulation, procrastination and cuteness skills.  She knows she gets a needle every night.  Sometimes she asks for it, sometimes she wants us to wait. This is what usually happens and what we likely hear on a given night:

Mommy, in 2 minutes.
Mom, after this cookie
Dad, not tonight, okay?
Daddy, you have it instead?
Willis, you want it?
Not now, Mommy.

Lucia will get her needle after bath time, before stories.  Normally, we go downstairs to have a bedtime snack and this is where she dictates when we can give her the needle.  We started off using her arm, but I think her seeing it wasn't going over well, so we switched to her butt.  We've also used many strategies to distract her such as:
pretending to use her syringe needle instead because she thinks it doesn't hurt
her giving her doll a needle after
her giving us a needle before (using her syringe needle)
letting her choose a snack from the treat bag.

Sometimes these strategies work and it's an easy night.  Sometimes they don't and 45 minutes later, we're still bargaining, hoping that it doesn't result in one of us having to hold her down.
9/10 times she cries.
10/10 times she's over it within seconds and is giggling.

Point being, we're managing; we're learning and we're growing.  We have yet to have someone else administer her dosage apart from Aunty Kyla.  Mom and Dad are watching the kids later next month for a weekend- so that'll be our first time away.  We're all adapting and figuring out how this is going to work in our life.
But most importantly, I'm proud of Lucia.  She is proving to be a strong willed babe and we love every bit of her.
Here is what our new norm looks like:

The needles, syringes and alcohol swabs. And random KitchenAid mixer parts

The growth hormone with it's needle

loading the dosage
making sure there are no air bubbles

Filled and ready to go

Our sharps disposal courtesy of our friendly pharmacist

The collection.

This is the Not right now, Mommy  face

NO needle tonight face

You take it, mommy?

Willis is a great helper at trying to get her calmed down
This is her after the needle, you can barely tell she cried face

Dolly's turn.

And there you have it.  That's every night for us and now we're 29 down....only 4500 or more to go.
Le sigh.


  1. I am so glad you posted this for two reasons:
    1. I like to know what goes on in your house and how your sweet baby girl is doing.
    2. It is going to be so interesting to look back in 6 months, a year, or even 10 years and be able to see how your routine has changed and how far you have come.

    Thanks for letting us have an evening in the life of Lucia :-)

  2. You two are awesome.When I had to look forward to only a year of taking a needle and only three times a week it was frightening.I was lucky to be able to do these by myself and not have to involve anybody else.It was not easy even for a grown adult yes I mean me.This is not something taken lightly and Dan and you should be proud of yourselves.I know I will not have any trouble giving Lucia a needle but I know there will be tears and not all hers.Love you guys


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