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on Willis growing up

I remember when Dan and I were contemplating starting a family; we would spend our nights day dreaming about what our children would be like and whose qualities they would inherit.
Would they get Dan's height?  My music ear? My teeth?  Dan's skinny calves? Dan's weird ability to do math quickly and balance budgets? 

Like any eager parent to be, anticipating bringing a child into the world, our hearts were full of wishes and hopes; never really knowing what the road to parenthood would bring.  There were ups and downs and unexpected turns.  Never did we think it would take us over a year to conceive a child; but never could we have imagined how much joy that moment would bring when we finally had a positive.   Parenthood is definitely a journey, but a journey worth taking.

Enter our first born, Willis and like any first born, we spent most of our time in awe, in totally amazement at everything baby related.  Every movement, every change was documented and always, we were thr…

a month down....

and 29 needles later, we are a month into our growth hormone treatment for Lucia and wow, have we learned a lot.

I will never forget those first couple needles and how a very overwhelming, yet seemingly easy task can push me over the edge.  I think I cried for the first week after every single time we had to do it- it was more difficult than I thought it would be.
But we've gotten used to it (somewhat) and Lucia is getting better with it (sometimes) and our new routine is (somehow) easing it's way into our lives.

What has changed?   Well Lucia is getting VERY good at her manipulation, procrastination and cuteness skills.  She knows she gets a needle every night.  Sometimes she asks for it, sometimes she wants us to wait. This is what usually happens and what we likely hear on a given night:

Mommy, in 2 minutes.
Mom, after this cookie
Dad, not tonight, okay?
Daddy, you have it instead?
Willis, you want it?
Not now, Mommy.

Lucia will get her needle after bath time, before stories.  …

Fun with food

I can feel summer coming just around the corner...that BBQ is so tempting, albeit covered in snow and I'm longing for easily prepared meals (that likely will mostly include hotdogs). But mostly, I'm slowly falling out of my weekly meal planning regime and am losing interest in cooking.
But a couple weeks ago I tried a recipe that was so delicious it could have been right from a restaurant.  You have to try this.  This was also a big hit with the kids because they got to eat out of a pineapple.
I will make this one again for sure.
Here's the recipe.

From the outside

I often wonder what people see when they are observing our family.  Confession:  I love people watching and one of my guilty pleasures is observing the dynamics in other families.  Put me on a bench, in the mall, with a coffee and I'm a happy camper.

I know people are watching us because every single time we go out, we get comments on Lucia's size and if we don't get comments, we still get the deer in headlights stare.  I should really start recording them for entertainment purposes.  Last week when I had the kids at Co-op, I was paying and Lucia was playing in the cart, the cashier gave me the she's really too young to be walking.  Most of the time people are shocked when I say she's almost 3.  Dan had the kids at Walmart last week and the cashier started baby talking to Lucia can you say baby, little girl? and Willis looked at her and said she's 2.   I know this used to bug me, I'm glad I'm at a place now that I can laugh and secretly blog about them…

Bread Baker Bakes

I love blogging, which kind of surprises me because I usually get sick of things quite quickly and move on to something else.  I think what I love most about the blogcommunity is how we're sharing our lives in such a different way, and thanks to that, I have discovered another winning bread recipe!

Thanks to Angie, over at Angie's 2 cents, I have tried what may possibly be my new favourite whole wheat homemade bread recipe! (Which will likely be until I try the next new one this week).  Thank you Angie for sharing what turned out to be a fluffy and delicious creation.  The kids demolished the loaves I made.  It was so good, in fact, that I plan on making 2 more loaves for a certainly exhausted momma, Jordan, who had her sweet, sweet baby this past weekend.  We are overjoyed and thrilled for our friends and can't wait to meet the beautiful baby boy, Boone.  How's that for an alliteration?

Back to the bread.  (I feel I should do this post all in Bs) (But I better back …

Guest Update on Mme. Deena

N.B- with no prompting/nagging from me, husband decided he needed to blog right this instant.  So he did.  Here we go......


When Deena decided that she was going to be moving to teaching 3/4 time this year, I was somewhat concerned.  Deena doesn't do bored, so my mind was racing trying to figure out what type of business she was going to start or just how often she was going to re-decorate the house.  I am rather pleased however with how things turned out.

As odd as it sounds, I actually think Deena now works MORE hours teaching each day.  Maybe it's coincidental and it's just the extra energy she has from her routinized workouts (which I guess she can now do during her peak energy hours).  Deena always talks about how fortunate she has been in her teaching career with the overall quality of the kids that she gets to teach, so I don't think it's just a good batch of kids this year.  Whatever it is, Deena is again on a tear similar to when she first started tea…

This or That?

I've been having a lot of fun these past couple weeks trying to pick out lighting, flooring, paint and everything in between- even the grout colours.  Nothing has been finalized..... but soon.  So why don't we play a game of this or that?  Help me determine what would look best in our space, even though you haven't really seen our space. But whatevs.

Which ones do you like the best?

The things my kids teach me

I like to just sit and watch my kids play and interact, mostly with a coffee in hand.  They can be so entertaining when they're working together.  But the entertainment aspect aside, they can also open a window that's a lot more personal. They are truly reflections of us and I often sit in awe when I see myself in them, whether its a particular reaction that I make or they show a mannerism that is exactly like Dan.

I have learned so much about myself from my kids.

The way Willis needs space and time.  I can't change plans or throw something new on him- he needs time to soak it in and adjust, like his mom. I know that when I'm frustrated or stressed or feeling challenged, I need to step back to somewhere quiet so I can adjust/wrap my brain around it or just breathe.  Willis is very much like that also.  If you have 100 people barking orders at him- he caves.

Lucia loves to laugh and giggle and has showed me the importance of finding humour and the good in everything.  I…

The staycation

I got an impromptu treat this weekend: a staycation.  Dan decided on Thursday that he'd take the kids to see his parents for the weekend and because I had a ball practice scheduled, I was staying back.  
But then ball was cancelled and it turned into a treat of a weekend for me to do whatever I want.   This is probably the best gift Dan could ever get me and likely the cheapest because I didn't even buy the shoes/dresses/jackets I liked at Winners.

I didn't even know where to start with my gift of time and solitude, so I created a wishlist of the things I'd love to do that you kind of lose the luxury of doing when you have a young family.

What I wanted to do:

After I wrote that list I ended up adding to it......things like get a blizzard, get groceries, go to Walmart, read the book for Book Club, sleep in, stay in my pajamas as long as possible......

What I accomplished:
Almost everything!  Except going to Sears and Leons (this week's list instead), bringing up my spring…

Bread recipe #3. Or 4. I can't remember

Our lives have remained crazy of the past couple months since Christmas and it doesn't look like it'll be slowing down any time soon. Much like the snow. Ugh. But one thing that has remained consistent is the delicious aroma of fresh baked bread in this house.  This week's recipe comes from our good friend, Jody.

I knew this one was going to be good because of the high quality chefery that happens in their household.  We've been breaking bread with them in supper club and frequent family supper dates for many, many years and that's one thing in life that I hope remains constant.  It's nice to have friends who have families-there is just so much to share.  And today we celebrate the fantastically delish bread recipe that she passed my way. It was super easy to make (18 hour no knead) and was crunchy on the outside and perfect on the inside.
Even the nutrionista-sista delighted in a sandwich made by said loaf.
Thanks again for sharing, Jody!  More breadtastica…


A huge weight has been lifted from our shoulders, now just to wait for our build to be done and our dreams will be coming true!  Stay tuned!