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by - February 01, 2013

January and February are tough months to get through, especially when you don't have a hot vacay, a mini vacay or really anything happening to break up the hibernation caused by the cold.  I find that I have to make a conscientious effort to bedazzle my life in order to keep my eye on the prize: that sudden, miraculous shift in weather when spring starts to win.
Normally I focus on endeavors in the kitchen: trying new recipes each week, making a pot of fresh soup on weekends and most recently, the bread experiment.  But that's not the only area in life where I find myself slumping, lately it has been in the closet.
I love getting ready in the morning: choosing an outfit, the perfect jewelry and shoes, not to mention doing my makeup and if I have time my hair too. That has not been the picture lately and like most people I'm sure, I'd rather just roll out of bed in my pajamas and ....wait...I wouldn't even bother rolling out of bed if I had the choice.  In extreme weather situations...-40 for sure, we should all just stay in bed in snuggle.  In our own beds, obvs.
Anyway, to beat my winter doldrums, I've made up a little game that I've been playing with my closet.  This has also been useful in my never-ending quest to pack up our house before our big move (come spring, summer or whenever this house sells).
This is my game:
I started with all my shirts.  Each day I have to wear whatever is at the front of the row.  If I can't make an outfit out of it, it goes in my give away or donate pile.  If I can, that is what I wear that day (having the liberty of choosing the rest of the outfit from wherever).  I also have to rotate one dress in during the week at any point.  I'm about 1/2 through my shirts and started this right when we got back to school after Christmas.  I think I've probably given the boot to at least 10 items, while the others have made their way through my system.  When I'm done with shirts, I'm going to play the same game with pants/skirts, etc.  And then my shoes.
But who am I to kid?  I'm never getting rid of any of those babies.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Great idea!!!

    And I agree. Don't lose any of the shoes.

  2. That is a fantastic idea - but defs don't get rid of any shoes!! Shoes are an investment!

  3. neat idea! a lady i know tried a similar thing one time and tried to go as many days as she could with a new outfit, she has a lot of stuff.... the run lasted a long log time....


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