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Feb. breaks of the past

I love looking back through my old photos today just as much as I did growing up.  I have even concocted a plan that has me monthly switching my photos on my digital frame.  It's February, so I have all the Februarys of the past playing.  Then in March I reload the memory stick with March pictures.
And in celebration of February break and all the Feb breaks that have come and gone, here are some of my favourite February pictures of the past:

I miss board game nights.  I miss living with my sister.

The night Dan put on ALL is clothes.

Family Day weekend in PA.

See the common theme of games and beer????

not too sure why mom is wearing a jacket in the house....

Feb break in NYC with Sara and Kyla

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Teaching Willis to skate a Baffins.  Lucia was in me belly.

Monique and Will

The hot cocoa after was the best part

Uncle Joshie came too

Lucia's poop pose?