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From Dan....Feb 21st, 2011

Willis and I watched a movie today.  A real old Christmas movie called ‘Prancer’ that he pushed to watch until I finally acquiesced.  The protagonists mother had died when she was young and during a scene regarding the matter, Willis asked me about what dying meant.

So I hit pause and had a little talk about what happens when people die and how people go to heaven.

Fast forward to the same night.  I always tell Willis a make up story before he goes to sleep and tonight was nothing out of the ordinary – Captain Willis and Admiral (hehe) Daddy were driving a spaceship to a different planet.  The whole thing segued into a lesson on gravity (I’m so proud – he made some comments that made me think he even understood a bit).  Anyway, at the end of the story Captain Willis drives the spaceship home and saves Mommy and Lucia.  “The End”.  But Willis has some more to add…

“No Dad.  Then they go to a meeting.”  ???  I’m lost, but I add a few lines about going to a meeting, making decisions, shaking hands and going home. 

“No Dad.  Not everyone goed (sic) home.  Some people died...”  He’s very earnest as he says this.  I’m starting to clue into the movie of the afternoon so I chime in “some people die yes Willis and they go to heaven.  But Mom and Dad are not leaving you Willis…”

“No Dad No.  Some people go to heaven.  Not everyone goes (yay) to heaven…”  His eyes are wide – this is important to him.  So I let him finish.  “…Girls go to heaven.  I will go to heaven.  But the bad boys go to Regina.”

From Dan....Feb 1st, 2013

I can’t recall what I was talking about to begin with, but all of a sudden:

Willis: Woa Woa Woa Dad.  You mean IN the earth.
Me: What was that?
Willis: You’re supposed to say IN the earth.  You said ON the earth. 
He was trying to correct my English – something he does once in a while as he learns and as I correct him (you “caught” the ball…not “catched”, etc)
Me: No, I mean ON the earth. 
Willis: No, because on is like on top.  In is like inside.
I should mention that we’re having this chat whilst lying on his bed at night looking up at an image of starry night with pictures of the earth, sun and moon projected onto the ceiling (thanks Uncle Rob for the gift).
Me: Yes, we’re ON the earth.  The earth is so big that it has something called gravity, and gravity makes thinks stick to it.  So we’re ON the earth.  We’re stuck on the outside of the earth.
Willis gives this a serious 15 seconds of thought.  Brow is heavily furrowed.
Willis: Huh.  I always thought we were on the inside.
I’m smiling my face off but avoiding laughing.
Willis: So how does the sun turn on and off?

From there we went into a full-on chat about planets and gravity and states of matter etc but nothing much more cute.  Just some good questions.  About 10 minutes of this and he was yawning so he rolled up in his thin sheet for bed (he sleeps so hot he sleeps with no pajamas and only at times a thin sheet to cover him – but that’s another story).  


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