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A weekend away

Once upon a time, there was a part of my life that required regular trips to Edmonton to visit our family there.   I have three cousins (all girls, all older than me) and an aunt and uncle and I feel that those regular visits were something that made us a little bit closer despite the distance, lack of internet and the crazy price it used to be to maintain long distance calling.  

I grew to be so fond of them in fact, that whenever someone important would enter my life, he would need to be introduced to my family there to gain their approval (they were never scary to meet- unlike my father was to them and their boyfriends...but that's another story).

the two Dans
Glenna and I always got comments about how much we look alike

Dan at Tracy and Lau's
At Glenna's

visiting new babies!
Way old picture from High School- this was from the visit we took with Annick

While our own respective families grew, these visits grew fewer and far between but in the back of our hearts, we knew that they were an important tradition that would need to be revisited.

And that we did this weekend.

Kyla and I took the girls on a little road trip to stay at Glenna's this past weekend and I can't even begin to tell you how great it felt to be back around the table with that wonderful family.  It was priceless to be able to reconnect and laugh and reminisce and know that we are apart of such a bigger picture and I was so happy that Tisa and Aunty Louise were able to join us also.  It made me want all my cousins there, for we talked about everybody and it would have been so nice to have their voices filling in the holes in our stories...which brings me to an upcoming project....more on later this week.  

This weekend I felt blessed to have an extended family who is just as important as our little bubble here at home and it was alarmingly obvious to me why I always felt so drawn to my older cousins, especially Glenna.  We were all built with the same foundation and the values that we treasure in our little families are morals and values that are exuded in theirs.  
Something that kept returning to my mind this weekend was a Biblical verse:

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

But to me it was my Grandma's spirit that was present in our gathering this weekend.  I could feel the warmth of her love shining over us as we crowded around the old family newsletter and remembered the life and love of those who walked before us.

Glenna's little helper

Jesse and Noah (Glenna's boys) had presents for the girls when they arrived

BABY Thighs!

One of the many games the girls played

Cake for Aunty Louise's bday
These 3 little girls were excellent travellers!

They loved the mall! Lucia slept a good 2 hours, giving me some mommy time doing my favourite sport- mall walking!


  1. My dear sweet cousin! It was so wonderful to share more great memories with all of you!! You made me tear up... Love you all xoxoxo

  2. so glad you all had such a great time!


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