Comforting things

A time of naught

This year I've decided to take my Lenten journey on a completely different course.

You see, last year I focused on my physical side, vowing to do some sort of exercise every day for the 40 days.  I LOVED this challenge and enjoyed coming up with novel ways to fit in some sort of activity on the busiest of days.

This year is has been different.  I've decided to focus on my spiritual side as I've found that to be the side that is lacking and I've challenged myself to concentrate on three things:
1- Attend church more regularly, we are sporadic at best.
2- Pray more for my friends and be mindful of their sufferings.
and lastly
3- want less.

I think I need to explain the third point.  This is my year of naught.  It's not only a Lenten journey of 40 days until next Easter, but a plan that I'm going to try to want less and save more for much longer (and I say try lightly because I know I always have the best intentions and then lose motivation later).
We are currently building our dream home for which I feel very fortunate and privileged and that should be enough.  I am working on cutting out the extras and leading a simpler life (and yes that means cutting back on shoes).  I'm also at the point in my journey where I'm only 18 pounds away from reaching my goal, therefore it should be easy for me to not feel the desire to buy new clothes.
I am not setting specific goals for this but will be taking steps in eliminating the unnecessary in our life and focusing on the simple.
I will keep you posted on our progress.

This is the video that got me thinking on this goal: