Comforting things

A reading rainbow

I did something totally new to me this year: joined a book club.
I have to admit I was apprehensive.  I love to read, but do I love to discuss what I read?  Not too sure.

My cousin, Lea decided to get a group going and the fact that Kyla was in it already made me think it'd be great to have a monthly outing to see my friends, and if not that, have a good excuse to drink some red wine.

We're three months in and have read: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Frye, Still Alice and then this month's selection- The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
Last night we headed over to Candace's and actually discussed the book for a good 45 mins, without barely straying.  Winning insight of the night was from Jess who remembered a particular quote from the book that was used twice in the movie: We choose the love we think we deserve.
Speaking of movie, which we also watched last night, it was fun to chat while we compared the two and obviously we concluded the book was much better (we also had a hard time finding a movie that was done better than the book).  But we also got off topic and somehow ended up discussing strep b butt swabs....random.

I'm really enjoying our book club so far and look forward to reading some books that I probably wouldn't normally read.  Any recommendations of good reads?