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Why I bother.

Once during a weekend I try to put together a nice family meal that usually includes something that requires a significant amount of preparation and organization and is usually a dish that reminds me of being young and spending our time together in the kitchen.

I really think that is a huge factor in growing family ties.  I remember spending every meal sitting together and talking, sharing stories and laughing.  We would then clean up together, splitting duties of cleanup and washing dishes.  There was no dishwasher in our house.  We were the dishwashers.  Normally I think one would look back on memories of washing and drying dishes as something painful, but in our house it was key one on one time with a sister, a brother or a parent.  It was a special time.  And we got that every. single. day.
I was very lucky.
Now that I'm all growned up and fighting to create a strong family, I want to instill the same values that were present in our homes growing up.  Hard work, dedication, but mostly the importance of family time.

So every weekend I prepare one meticulous meal in the hopes of starting something small.  The kids are much to small to get into full out conversations over clean up duty, but we can still  kindle the small bonds of friendship that can grow over dishes.
Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it because most of these meals have one kid in time out, one upstairs goofing off in her room and me standing up, eating by myself at the island while their roast beef & yorkshire pudding grows cold....which was the particular scene last night.  It's a lot of work to put into one meal to have it ignored, but in the end, I think it's still worth it and will hope that our family supper time routine will become more fine tuned with time.
Ah, perseverance, the drink of choice for all parents.  Or wine.  Yes. The wine is key on the nights that fail.


  1. it is so important! persist! and look at those beautiful popovers you made! awesome!


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