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Is it wrong that I'm already bored with the Joyful Mother 30 day challenge?  I think the ideas presented are good ideas, but maybe just too abstract for what I'm wanting out of this.

So instead of going all joyful on you, let us look at my children's list of favourite things.  I even had them answer these questions (verbatim)

food: let me see.....cantaloupe and fruit loops
sport: baseball and soccer and skating
thing to do at school:play at recess and play inside
friend: Liam and Diam and Kian
toy: Transformers
colour: every colour except pink and purple because I just don't like them.
word: wit
time of day: Saturday morning cartoons
movie: Tinkerbell
cartoon: Elmo
Blue Jay: Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion and J.P Arencibia because they hit lots of homeruns
book: The Smurfs
season: Fall because I just like it
day of the week: Sunday because it's fun
french word: bonjour
drink: orange juice, water and milk.

food: noodles and toast and honey and jams and I like my mommy.
toy: noffing
game: noffing
movie: noffing noffing, noffing.
princess: um noffing.
colour: noffing!
book: um dat one! I'm gonna read dat.
snack: noffing.  I'm just saying noffing to you

Have a great weekend!


  1. O Deena - I love you children! They are both so full of personality and can always make me smile! Willis' great pick on Jays' players - those are my favs too!

    And realistically I think we have all had days like Lucia where there is noffing that we like.

    Have a great weekend!


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