Comforting things

The story of your nana

Dear Lucia,
This is the story of your beloved blanket, a.k.a your nana, not to be confused with your other Nana who lives with Papa in Prince Albert.
Sometime between your birth and Christmas, I came across a beautiful blanket on the great site, and decided that you needed your own blanket to cherish.
Now I had blankets growing up that I (begrudgingly) relinquished when I got to high school, went to university, got married.  Willis has a blue blanket that he loves and your Dad, well he has old high school clothes that he still loves to wear.  So there.
Anyway, you needed something that would be yours.  And voilĂ , your beautiful pink blanket arrived and you clung to it as much as your brother and I did to ours. (As a side note, I'd just like to say that I would still have my blankets if they weren't ratted and torn to shreds- I loved those things)  (I used to also suck my thumb, now that I'm confessing my deep dark secrets).
Your pink nana travelled everywhere with you and became a part of your everyday.
It went:

to your first Christmas

on photoshoots

to San Diego
on more photoshoots

to Thanksgiving  celebrations in beautiful fall weather

to your second Christmas
on playdates and became a part of the imaginative play.  

on cold, camping weekends

on sleepovers in tent trailers while camping

on more photoshoots, here next to Willis' blue blanket

I had to include this one, you love that blanket so much

Seriously, how cute can you be?

to Family meals and gatherings

with you when you were admiring your loot from Halloween

Finally, I decided that after 2+ great years, I had to either 1) make you an identical blanket as you would NOT go anywhere without it or 2) somehow locate the dealer of your nana.
Being that my seamstressing skills are none too desirable, I thought it'd be easier to track down the origins of your blanket.  I easily located the seller at Dara & co but was disappointed because they didn't have the bigger size in the same print available.  You are growing up, so I wanted you to have a bigger blanket.  Finally one came available and I jumped on it, even calling Dara herself to make sure I got you a newer version of what you loved most.  Dara was delightful and pleasant to work with and sure enough, one day before Christmas, your blanket arrived.
You were more than thrilled.

unwrapping your new blanket

my new blanket? A big girl one?

your new blanket easily became a part of your every day, along with your old blanket.  You can see the two in the picture, the old one clearly worn down and less pink.
Since then both versions of the blanket still play a huge part in your day to day.

It even had to be a part of our annual family picture.  Not too sure why you had to be dressed like Minnie Mouse.
And that's the story of your blanket.
The End.

On a side note, Dara first sent the small version of your blanket and then realized I had ordered the toddler version.  She didn't charge me for it but asked that I donate it to a child in need.  Very kind and generous.  On another side note, I didn't donate it, but bought it instead so I can keep it in storage so that one day I can give it to your daughter (be it you decide to have kids).  In which case if you don't, I'll then donate it.