Comforting things

The routines I easily fall into

I think there are good routines, bad routines and then the in between, not quite routines in life.   Just like there is bad hair and bad outfits and perms for that matter.

For example:
I get in this really bad habit of having a bed time snack even when I'm really not hungry.  I just feel I need to have a snack at night.  I've been working on breaking this routine for 2 weeks and may have had a breakthrough with an earlier bedtime.  Now, I know I can't go to bed every night at 8, but that certainly helped in kicking that nasty habit.  It also helped being sick and practically useless.

Then there are things that I really wish would become a habit, like every day workouts and eating salads more often.  We all have good intentions, don't we?  What else would I put in this category?  Going to Church (I know it's important and I want to, just hasn't been routine yet)  Paying off my Visa (I forget all the time and need to be reminded constantly) Kissing my husband (I think this week's stress has made me forget I'm married.....)  Returning emails/facebook messages right after I read them.   I could go on forever.

But to this enigma of life there are also the good routines; the habits that have become a part of our life and we naturally stick to them.  Some of my most important routines happened this weekend and came when I needed them most.  I don't know about you, but when I'm at my lowest, I need to surround myself with my support because I know that, without them even realizing it, they put me back where I need to be.
So within one weekend we had Dan's brother, Chris and wife Marina, over for supper (not only for the kids' benefit but for ours as well).  We had our supper club group's monthly get together at Kyla's, except it was lunch.  Soup and sandwiches were on the menu and it was delish.  And then I went out for supper with my girlfriends last night.
It was a busy weekend, but very full of the monthly routine visits that we have gotten ourselves into.  And for me, they were so very important and left me feeling so whole and together and part of a bigger picture.  I needed that.

Also?  I finally got caught up in my videography and may even be up to date with all my videos.  Now that is a routine that needs to stay, if you ask me.

Have a great week!