the Growth Hormone Experience. Le quatre.

by - January 25, 2013

Four visits later, countless pokes to my girl's teeny tiny arms and legs and now groin and we have finally completed the testing for a possible growth hormone deficiency.
I can't even begin to tell you how relieved we are.

We had a very long day yesterday which was nothing compared to what laLucia experienced in her 12 hours at the hospital and fortunately, she'll likely be the one that doesn't remember the events anyway.  She was tough and a star and made us both so proud.

After being in the OR from 8-10 and them putting a line in her arm and her groin, we made our way back up to Medical Daycare only to discover that the line didn't work (which it had in OR. Of course) (and why they didn't just put in the arterial line in the first place........) so back down we went, back under she went and the doctor (who was magical, by the way) put in an arterial femur line in the same groinal area.  More risky but pretty much guaranteed results and that we got, just way later in the day.

Growth hormone testing requires almost 5 hours of testing and close to 12 draws of blood samples.  First they injected her with ___________ (started with a G) and drew blood every 30 minutes.  Then they gave her ______________(which was a pill and started with a C) and did a couple more draws.  Frick, I'd make an awesome doctor with my stellar ability to remember terminology.

Now we wait 2 weeks to find out the news and to be honest, at this point, after having gotten through a trying day, I could care less what we find out.  To me it's good news either way:
a- she has a growth hormone deficiency and we do the treatment (which are injections much like insulin for a diabetic) and would last into her teens.  Said treatment would add a foot onto her growth.
b- she isn't hormone deficient and is just a cute little ninja bean and we drop it and move on.  Growth hormone replacements in this case would only add 2 inches or so.

So win win, I love her regardless.

At the end of the day, Lucia was so weak and sleepy- she hadn't eaten anything for 24 hours and her blood sugar had dropped to 2.1, we were happy to make her ANYTHING she wanted, which consisted of:  jellybeans, kraft dinner, pancakes and water.  And she got it all. (and likely still will tomorrow and the next day and the next day.  In fact, I'm so in the need to celebrate her that I'm taking her on a little mommy-daughter vacay next weekend)

It was a long day and a tough one and my nerves and emotions are shot.  I'm not usually one to break down, so much so that I could probably count on one hand the number of times I've cried in front of husband.  But tonight needed a good melt down and just as I was about to snap, Candace showed up at the door with a Cinderella present and flowers for Lucia and a big hug for me.  It felt good to cry in her arms and it only lasted until Willis came barrelling around the corner but hey- that's what fristers are for.  Which is my new world, bytheway.
There are so many good, caring people in this world.


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  1. You are a fantastic maman and your daughter is such a champ who gives inspiration to all! I'm happy with you that the testing is finally over and you can move on from there. Either way, you have a beautiful and very brilliant little girl! Sending hugs from Verville!

  2. She certainly deserves all of her "favorite " things after being such a brave little lady! Hugs from your Edmonton cousins xoxoxo

  3. Yeah for Lucia, your magical doctor, a good cry, Candace, and a glass of wine!

  4. Wow. What an incredible story. Lucia is such a trooper. It never seizes to amaze me how children can show such bravery especially in times when we as their parents are grappling to find it within ourselves. Cheers to all of you.


Have a lovely day!