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The cold nights of January for me is a time to get caught up.   I love staying home and having nothing on the agenda and could do so for many, many nights in a row.  I enjoy finding the time to finally organize all my video files, get caught up on my footage, watch my T.V shows and read good books.  Spring, summer and fall spare no extra minutes for those pleasures so I'm really enjoying every second of them as the snow softly falls out the front window.

With the calm and serenity that the tranquil snow brings comes plenty of time to think.  And there are a few things I feel I want to get off my know, the parts of life that are really out of your control but somehow manage to consume your thoughts and can even keep you up at night?  I have a couple of those picking at me right now.  First off, I'm getting impatient waiting for our house to sell.  I'm fearful it won't sell and then we'll not get our dream house.  It kinda feels like when I went to the hospital to deliver Willis and ended up being there for hours days and I'd see all these other ladies come it, have their babies and then leave.  Ugh.  The minute this house sells, I tell you, I'm gonna have one big sale-abration!

My other thought-consumer is Lucia's growth hormone treatment.  We got a date for the next attempt and it's next week on Thursday.  They have failed 3 times in getting an IV in the right size so now they have two plans: a picc line or an arterial line.  They seem quite confidant that the arterial line will work if the picc line doesn't.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that it does and we can get this step done and move on to the actual treatment.

So that's that.  I heard a fitting quote at work yesterday that helps me deal with my little dark cloud: “If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back.”  
There are many more people in my life going through worse things.  So I'll hop on the grateful train for this one and ride it out.

With that, here's a cute video of Willis' new found love of skating (which was previously known as his hatred for skating).  We enrolled him some lessons put on by the speed skating group in Saskatoon.  He's all over it!  I especially love the last 30 seconds when they do a relay race around the rink.  Look at him cruise!

Have a great weekend.

skating from Dee on Vimeo.


  1. Oh my goodness, he is so cute! Great job, Willis!

  2. i can fly! i can fly! incroyable Willis!


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