Comforting things

Joyful, joyful

Since I started the Joyful Mother challenge this week, I have found it to be rather simple.  But I think that's because I'm focusing on something and not being pulled in 80 different directions.  Obviously when you're concentrating on perfecting one task, it goes well.  This is what I've done so far this week:
  1. Go the entire day without yelling at your children.
  2. Instead of just reacting to bad behavior, try to find what it is that is really bothering your child. Sometimes our kids mask emotional turmoil or frustration with challenging behavior.
  3. Focus on play today. Find any excuse to connect with your children through play or imagination.

1.  I spent a weekend yelling at kids and was very aware of situations this week when I probably would have yelled, but instead took a step back, a deep breath and calmed the &*%$ down.  That made things much better, I must say.  The kids didn't get upset, I wasn't upset and I didn't feel like a jerk either when I handled their petty arguments with more grace.  I will definitely have to keep doing this and I think it will become more challenging when I forget that I'm trying to not yell and am overtired and fed up.  I think I should make a rule whereinthereforeupon if husband hears me raise my voice in frustrations at the kids, he gets a back rub or head scratch or whatever it is that husbands want.   I think I'm making myself out to be a screaming monster upon writing this, but hey- all moms have a breaking point, don't they?

2- I loved this one because I love to psychologize people.  I love understanding what makes them tick and it's just as fun for my kids.  What it comes down to is attention.  The more we play one on one or as a family, the less problems they have.  Lucia and Willis want to be recognized and appreciated like any other human being and when we're doing that- there are no bad behaviors...unless Dan beats Willis at chess.....

3- Yesterday was play day and it was AWESOME!  We each took turns with a kid and made some memories.  I took Willis to his first skating lesson and was blown away by how well he did when he had other kids to learn with.  He was so proud of himself and wanted to go back today.  After skating, Dan took Willis to the Harlem Globetrotters. Apparently Willis couldn't sit down for more than 5 minutes, he was so excited.  Lucia had time last night playing in the playroom with both parents which is always an adventure.  Right now her activities of choice are colouring, play doh and lego.

That is all for today.