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How to keep busy during an open house

We had an open house on Saturday and Sunday this weekend and needed to occupy ourselves.  I kinda was dreading this day mostly because I'm a homebody and love to stay home.  Instead we took to the city and brought our adorable niece, Kinsey with us as well. So what did we do, you ask?

we played in my classroom.  Kinsey loved pretending to be a teacher and then a student, however when she did start talking, I wasn't sure what language it was.  Man, that kid can talk.

Here they are giving us a lesson on something or other.

We then went to Tim's for a treat.  I especially love giving Kinsey treats, mostly because Kyla is so good not doing so.

We then broke off for some one on two time.  Dan took Willis and Kinsey for a drive and I took my little shopper to get a  couple things for supper.

Supper time was kids' choice: Kraft Dinner, tomatoes and Edamommy beans.

We ended off our perfect afternoon back in our house, for movie night.  Madagascar 3 was a hit.  So was the popcorn.
I learned a good lesson this weekend- I need to ask more to spend time with my nieces. Kyla won't just hand over her kids to me, I need to tell her that I'm taking her.  And that's tell.  Not ask.  She never wants to inconvenience us but I know she needed a break, like Kinsey did and we were dying to have some time with our little doll.  Because I did that, we had a whole afternoon and a sleepover with the very talkative Kinsey and got to know her that much more. When she woke, Dan was serving the kids sausages and pancakes and she says: after I finish my pancakes and sausages, I'm going to have a delicious handful of jellybeans.

Have a great Monday.


  1. AWESOME day! Glad you nabbed Kinsey! You are always welcome to stop by our house when you need to kill a few hours! Hope you got some nibbles on your beautiful home.

  2. For posterity sakes, note that I did not fork over a handful of jellybeans for breakfast.

  3. Ha ha, Kinsey had a great time with you guys, I will have to return the favour sometime soon. She does love those jellybeans. Thanks for being such a wonderful sister and brother-in-law. Love you guys.


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