Comforting things

before I forget

It seems to be that regardless what kinds of shindig went down the year previous, I can never, for the life of me, remember what we did on New Year's Eve.
Except the years that we celebrate Christmas with my family over the New Year's weekend...which happens to be every other year.
There are many moments that I want to have forever forged in my memory and many of these moments happened over the past week.  I guess that is one of the major benefits of this blog for me- it captures my memories so that later, I can go back and revisit with fondness the things that we did.
This year, these are the things I don't want to forget:

  • The excitement my children have when their grandparents or aunts/uncles/cousins come over.  They squeal with delight every single time.
  • The attitude Lucia developed over Christmas. Mommy, I'm not talking to you, I'm mad at you.  It's really cute and hard not to chuckle when she's in a time out and proud of it.  Grandpa, I'm in a time out.  NO, I'm not ready to come out.  NO, I'm not sorry.
  • Willis being a rockstar on New Year's Eve and staying up until 12:30.  He pretended to bartend with the boys, he played poker and he wasn't even grumpy the next day (unlike his sleep-deprived mom).
  • The thoughtful gifts.  It's no lie, I love buying/finding/making gifts for people, it's my favourite part of Christmas.  There were many extra special gifts that circulated this year and some of my favourites were all done by my mom (who says, every single time someone opens her gifts: You'll probably want to return it).  She did a painting of Scotland for Kyla, framed a piece of wood for Rob that he had wrote on when he was 13ish- it said I love everybody in my family or something like that and then I got a bound book of all the family's old newsletters.  More on that later.  So very thoughtful.
  • The last Christmas in this house.  I'm going to miss this place but am looking forward to the new memories we will create.
  • The breaking of rules.  Willis played hours of Mario Sluggers Baseball over this break and while this is completely out of our house rules norm, it was fun to see him bonding with this uncles and dad and I know some great memories were created.   He also played countless rounds of checkers and chess and is getting better by the day.
  • I really enjoyed spending Christmas at home this year.  It was nice to not have to worry about taking the kids out of their element and most notably all the packing that goes along with it.  

It was truly a great Christmas break and I'm very sad to be going back to work tomorrow.  I guess it has to happen eventually.  Here are some of my favourite Christmas New Year's moments:

bonding time with Grandma
New Year's morning crepes
Lucia loving her new blanket
shenanigans.  Mush, Luna, Mush
Fun time with Grandpa

The annual Family Photo Shoot

skating break at the Oval

Bartender Number 1.  And his ladies