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A series of firsts

I admit it, there are moments where I am annoyed that I'm the one toting around the video camera or cameracamera.  Sometimes I think it would be nice to experience moments without having to document them.  But then again, when I look back on the manymany bytes of footage that I have (I should have asked Dan for a word that would summarize the extent of storage we have on this computer), I realize that perhaps my obsession with film has not been in vain.
I have been able to capture many significant firsts on video and I know that they are cherished if not by others, definitely by Dan and I.
Despite the fact that Willis is 5,  I am still managing to capture some great firsts in his life and a series of them have happened this week:
First playdate with a school friend.  I can tell you that my first playdate with a classmate was with Christy and we know how well that worked out for us.  Willis had Noah over on the weekend and for 3 hours they ripped and roared and giggled around the house. He is growing and moving out of playdates that have been conveniently with the kids of my friends.  Now he is requesting his own friends
The second very significant first came on Sunday night when Dan came ripping into the bathroom while I was enjoying a bubble bath: Deena, you got to see this.  Intrigued I was, so I toweled up and headed over to Willis' room where he was 30 some pages into reading The Cat in the Hat. He has been slowly reading pages here and there, but that night he read the entire book.  With very little help, I may add.  He was so proud of himself.  Since then he's been devouring a book a night and has moved on to Critter.
And, in typical Deena fashion, I captured that precious moment and would love to share our pride and joy with you today.

Willis reads from Dee on Vimeo.


  1. Way to go, Willis!

    Besides Willis' amazing job reading, my favorite parts were Dan's proud smile and Mme. Simair asking about Willis' reading comprehension! LOVE IT

  2. so awesome!!! xoxoxoxoxox


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