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Over the course of the past month, I've been conducting a little bit of an experiment in my house: Operation BuyNoBreadMakeItInstead.
I think I've made a total of 6 loaves and have only played with 3 different recipes.  So far my favourite is from the Michael Smith cookbook and is the easiest, although it takes the longest.  The recipe requires the bread to sit for 12-14 hours and work its own magic...that's the part that appeals to me and well, the kids and husband didn't complain.  I kinda feel bad for Chris and Josh, the breadmonsters, not living with us right now...the smell of fresh baked bread is so welcoming and tasty. 
Do you have a favourite bread recipe you'd be willing to share so that my bakingspree can continue into February?

The routines I easily fall into

I think there are good routines, bad routines and then the in between, not quite routines in life.   Just like there is bad hair and bad outfits and perms for that matter.

For example:
I get in this really bad habit of having a bed time snack even when I'm really not hungry.  I just feel I need to have a snack at night.  I've been working on breaking this routine for 2 weeks and may have had a breakthrough with an earlier bedtime.  Now, I know I can't go to bed every night at 8, but that certainly helped in kicking that nasty habit.  It also helped being sick and practically useless.

Then there are things that I really wish would become a habit, like every day workouts and eating salads more often.  We all have good intentions, don't we?  What else would I put in this category?  Going to Church (I know it's important and I want to, just hasn't been routine yet)  Paying off my Visa (I forget all the time and need to be reminded constantly) Kissing my husband (…

the Growth Hormone Experience. Le quatre.

Four visits later, countless pokes to my girl's teeny tiny arms and legs and now groin and we have finally completed the testing for a possible growth hormone deficiency.
I can't even begin to tell you how relieved we are.

We had a very long day yesterday which was nothing compared to what laLucia experienced in her 12 hours at the hospital and fortunately, she'll likely be the one that doesn't remember the events anyway.  She was tough and a star and made us both so proud.

After being in the OR from 8-10 and them putting a line in her arm and her groin, we made our way back up to Medical Daycare only to discover that the line didn't work (which it had in OR. Of course) (and why they didn't just put in the arterial line in the first place........) so back down we went, back under she went and the doctor (who was magical, by the way) put in an arterial femur line in the same groinal area.  More risky but pretty much guaranteed results and that we got, just way…

A series of firsts

I admit it, there are moments where I am annoyed that I'm the one toting around the video camera or cameracamera.  Sometimes I think it would be nice to experience moments without having to document them.  But then again, when I look back on the manymany bytes of footage that I have (I should have asked Dan for a word that would summarize the extent of storage we have on this computer), I realize that perhaps my obsession with film has not been in vain.
I have been able to capture many significant firsts on video and I know that they are cherished if not by others, definitely by Dan and I.
Despite the fact that Willis is 5,  I am still managing to capture some great firsts in his life and a series of them have happened this week:
First playdate with a school friend.  I can tell you that my first playdate with a classmate was with Christy and we know how well that worked out for us.  Willis had Noah over on the weekend and for 3 hours they ripped and roared and giggled around the …

Why I bother.

Once during a weekend I try to put together a nice family meal that usually includes something that requires a significant amount of preparation and organization and is usually a dish that reminds me of being young and spending our time together in the kitchen.

I really think that is a huge factor in growing family ties.  I remember spending every meal sitting together and talking, sharing stories and laughing.  We would then clean up together, splitting duties of cleanup and washing dishes.  There was no dishwasher in our house.  We were the dishwashers.  Normally I think one would look back on memories of washing and drying dishes as something painful, but in our house it was key one on one time with a sister, a brother or a parent.  It was a special time.  And we got that every. single. day.
I was very lucky.
Now that I'm all growned up and fighting to create a strong family, I want to instill the same values that were present in our homes growing up.  Hard work, dedication, b…


The cold nights of January for me is a time to get caught up.   I love staying home and having nothing on the agenda and could do so for many, many nights in a row.  I enjoy finding the time to finally organize all my video files, get caught up on my footage, watch my T.V shows and read good books.  Spring, summer and fall spare no extra minutes for those pleasures so I'm really enjoying every second of them as the snow softly falls out the front window.

With the calm and serenity that the tranquil snow brings comes plenty of time to think.  And there are a few things I feel I want to get off my know, the parts of life that are really out of your control but somehow manage to consume your thoughts and can even keep you up at night?  I have a couple of those picking at me right now.  First off, I'm getting impatient waiting for our house to sell.  I'm fearful it won't sell and then we'll not get our dream house.  It kinda feels like when I went to the h…

The story of your nana

Dear Lucia,
This is the story of your beloved blanket, a.k.a your nana, not to be confused with your other Nana who lives with Papa in Prince Albert.
Sometime between your birth and Christmas, I came across a beautiful blanket on the great site, and decided that you needed your own blanket to cherish.
Now I had blankets growing up that I (begrudgingly) relinquished when I got to high school,went to university, got married.  Willis has a blue blanket that he loves and your Dad, well he has old high school clothes that he still loves to wear.  So there.
Anyway, you needed something that would be yours.  And voilà, your beautiful pink blanket arrived and you clung to it as much as your brother and I did to ours. (As a side note, I'd just like to say that I would still have my blankets if they weren't ratted and torn to shreds- I loved those things)  (I used to also suck my thumb, now that I'm confessing my deep dark secrets).
Your pink nana travelled everywhe…

How to keep busy during an open house

We had an open house on Saturday and Sunday this weekend and needed to occupy ourselves.  I kinda was dreading this day mostly because I'm a homebody and love to stay home.  Instead we took to the city and brought our adorable niece, Kinsey with us as well. So what did we do, you ask?

I learned a good lesson this weekend- I need to ask more to spend time with my nieces. Kyla won't just hand over her kids to me, I need to tell her that I'm taking her.  And that's tell.  Not ask.  She never wants to inconvenience us but I know she needed a break, like Kinsey did and we were dying to have some time with our little doll.  Because I did that, we had a whole afternoon and a sleepover with the very talkative Kinsey and got to know her that much more. When she woke, Dan was serving the kids sausages and pancakes and she says: after I finish my pancakes and sausages, I'm going to have a delicious handful of jellybeans.

Have a great Monday.

Their favourite things

Is it wrong that I'm already bored with the Joyful Mother 30 day challenge?  I think the ideas presented are good ideas, but maybe just too abstract for what I'm wanting out of this.

So instead of going all joyful on you, let us look at my children's list of favourite things.  I even had them answer these questions (verbatim)

food: let me see.....cantaloupe and fruit loops
sport: baseball and soccer and skating
thing to do at school:play at recess and play inside
friend: Liam and Diam and Kian
toy: Transformers
colour: every colour except pink and purple because I just don't like them.
word: wit
time of day: Saturday morning cartoons
movie: Tinkerbell
cartoon: Elmo
Blue Jay: Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion and J.P Arencibia because they hit lots of homeruns
book: The Smurfs
season: Fall because I just like it
day of the week: Sunday because it's fun
french word: bonjour
drink: orange juice, water and milk.

food: noodles and toast and honey and jams and I like my m…

Joyful, joyful

Since I started the Joyful Mother challenge this week, I have found it to be rather simple.  But I think that's because I'm focusing on something and not being pulled in 80 different directions.  Obviously when you're concentrating on perfecting one task, it goes well.  This is what I've done so far this week:
Go the entire day without yelling at your children.Instead of just reacting to bad behavior, try to find what it is that is really bothering your child. Sometimes our kids mask emotional turmoil or frustration with challenging behavior.Focus on play today. Find any excuse to connect with your children through play or imagination.
1.  I spent a weekend yelling at kids and was very aware of situations this week when I probably would have yelled, but instead took a step back, a deep breath and calmed the &*%$ down.  That made things much better, I must say.  The kids didn't get upset, I wasn't upset and I didn't feel like a jerk either when I handled…

New beginnings

It was a busy weekend, so crazy in fact that I had a couple moments where I was pretty sure my head was going to start spinning and steam would billow out of my ears.  Final reviews, final prep, corrections, two kids bedrooms to paint (that's another post), house to clean for upcoming open houses and to top it off, two very crazy children.
Thankfully my parents and brother were in town this weekend so we had some extra hands...not too sure how we'd pull it off otherwise.  Mostly I was grateful for some diversion for the kids, because let me tell you, they were up to no good.   True story.
I was down to zero patience and stressed to the max with my to-do list.  It wasn't the prettiest parenting weekend on our side and it gave me a good opportunity to take a step back and reflect.  
I mostly thought about my year and what I want to focus on.  I've long given up on resolutions and have instead tried to start thinking about little things that I could focus on.  This year…

My favourite things

I think I'm hitting a blogslump.  Maybe I need blogcation or a revampification or something.  While I used to be able to fling out 5 posts a week, I'm now struggling to come up with 3.
I'm going to have to think on this one over the weekend.
I will leave you with my current list of favourite things in no particular order:

passtime: watching How I Met Your Mother with hubster.  We're on season 4 and working our way up.  Winter is my favourite time to cuddle up with a glass of red and the husband.
book: i'm in a book club now that chooses a monthly book which is been delightful thus far.  It's nice not to think about what I want to read next.  I just finished Still Alice.  Very good read.  But my favourite right now would be the I am Number Four series which I annihilated over a weekend.  I think I may take on something light until next book club book.  Any suggestions?
mascara: Yves St. Laurent's Shocking.  Love the volume and length. You can get it at Sephor…

before I forget

It seems to be that regardless what kinds of shindig went down the year previous, I can never, for the life of me, remember what we did on New Year's Eve.
Except the years that we celebrate Christmas with my family over the New Year's weekend...which happens to be every other year.
There are many moments that I want to have forever forged in my memory and many of these moments happened over the past week.  I guess that is one of the major benefits of this blog for me- it captures my memories so that later, I can go back and revisit with fondness the things that we did.
This year, these are the things I don't want to forget:

The excitement my children have when their grandparents or aunts/uncles/cousins come over.  They squeal with delight every single time.The attitude Lucia developed over Christmas. Mommy, I'm not talking to you, I'm mad at you.  It's really cute and hard not to chuckle when she's in a time out and proud of it.  Grandpa, I'm in a time…