Comforting things

What he learns

Willis is a learning machine: he soaks in information and then can surprisingly regurgitate it months later. This past week we had his first "confĂ©rence tripartite" and we anxiously prepared ourselves to hear how our little man is doing in the classroom.

I almost want to laugh at myself when I recall how nervous I was for him to start school; it couldn't have gone better.  His teacher is amazing, and I was even more thrilled to learn from another teacher at the school that his group is a fantastic bunch.  Being in a good group of kids changes everything, says every teacher ever.

Willis was sent home with some homework the night before the conferences for us to discuss with him in preparation.  It was a series of pictures of him in different learning centres.  Willis gave us some entertaining descriptions while chatting on and on about so and so doing this and then we did that.....

When we got to the conferences, Mme. had his portfolio ready that contained some writing samples from Sept- Nov.  It was neat to see how his penmanship has changed and how he is gaining control in his letters.  There were also pictures of him doing various activities (one picture was him beside this huge "playground" he had built with blocks, complete with a teeter-tauter and a bridge that he wanted to be bouncy)  It also showed how high he could count in french and what colours he could name.

I was thrilled pleased overjoyed elated to hear that he is doing very well in school but most importantly that he is getting along with other kids, playing with everyone and enjoys learning.  Mme. gave Willis a rave review and we couldn't help but go out and celebrate, with him picking the restaurant.  Of course he picked "the train restaurant" and it was Friday....didn't know that it was a classy joint at night. Oops.  Candlelight?  No kids menu? Fancy wine cups for water? Screw that, we rocked out a celebration dinner for our little star in style (much to the dismay of the D.I.N.K.s surrounding us giving us questioning looks) and then we took him to SunDog to see his Nana and Papa, but mostly for a candied apple.

They grow up so quickly, don't they?