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Tidings of Joy

We've definitely had some great moments in the past couple weeks to create some lasting memories.  There have been some great suppers with friends and family, entertaining skatedates and my favourite: craft and cuddle time with the kids.  That's what Christmas is all about for me.  Well that and being a kid again and watching the movies and organizing events and being cuddly by the Christmas love list could go on and on.
I think you get the picture.
Literally.  Cause there they are.

Dinners out to celebrate Kerri's something-th birthday and then a Christmas supper with the girls. Oh, and hubs managed to located an LB that sold Tennants, our favourite beer when we were in Scotland.  YAY!
I cut up piles of watercolour paper awhile back and folded them into cards.  The kids are taking these opportunities to paint and then I'll use them as cards whenever I need one.  No need to waste money on cheesy cards anymore.  

Willis had his Christmas concert last night.  He's been practicing his songs randomly this week and as far as I can tell he knows none of the words, minus maybe one or two.  It was cute to watch him up on stage and even more entertaining was watching Lucia cheer on her big brother...and then sprint out into center stage.  Yup, she's not that shy.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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