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My Christmas Carol

I love Christmas movies and have slowly been watching one a night for the past couple weeks.  My favourite right now is always Love Actually, but I also really love Scrooged.
Which got me thinking....
If the ghost of Christmas past would come and visit me tonight, I'm sure this is what he'd show me: 
Many great memories that created a wealth of traditions to be passed on and shared with others.  Whether it's with friends or family, we all recognize that time is meant to be spent with the special people in our lives and I'm happy that this is something that started many, many years ago.

Now the ghost of Christmas present would show me how these traditions have made a difference in my life.  I've found that I've really missed my Grandma Diehl during this holiday season.  She really is a huge reason in why I love Christmas so much. I was missing her so much that I had to put together a video so I could see her, hear her and feel her in my life again.  This is what I shared with my family last night:

Gramma Christmas video from Dee on Vimeo.

I think my mom said it best :
Our parents gave us a beautiful simple life because of their great love for each other; love each other well as your parents loved each other! beautiful job, Deena, made me cry but smile too at seeing what joy mom took in being with her Willie and all her loving family!

I love Christmas, I love my family and I love hosting and serving others: so much of my Grandmother (and mother?) has rubbed off on me.

Now the ghost of Christmas future would show me how these traditions of the past are being passed on to my future. My little elves are making recipes that have been served in our family for many, many moons. This particular day we made Grandma Park's whipped shortbread. I only had to text Kyla eleventy billion times for clarifications on the instructions.

Merry Christmas!