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We've been working hard at creating traditions so that the kids will have great memories of Christmas and their time with family.  I guess that is what really makes Christmas exciting for me; being able to live that joy through them and be the author of their memories.
One of our favourite places to congregate is around the island for baking.  Last week the kids made cake pops and we've been randomly distributing them people to bring some cheer.
I also love cake pops because I freeze them individually and then can have an easy, small snack if the craving    for something sweet happens (which is most always does).
We do have many sweets that are typical to Christmas, but we won't be working on those until next week when we prep for the real deal.

Another nice thing about holiday baking is that it brings back so many awesome memories and during a time when I seem to be missing my Grandma so much more, those memories are so precious.  I took out her cookbook this week and decided to try to make her meatballs that she would always serve on Christmas.  It just so happened that Aunty Chris, K.C, Dad and the Golightlys came for supper as well.  Gotta love impromptu potlucks!  The meatballs were good, but definitely nothing close to Grandma's.  I'll be working on that one.

Dan found Tennants beer in Saskatoon! Kyla, Rob and I LOVED this stuff when we were in Scotland


  1. I want to do cake pops for adys birthday. Any tips? Recipe?

    Kyla, is that a hooter hider your holding while pouring a beer! ;) can't wait!

  2. Oh, that was Lisa w.


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