3 purple lies

Finding a second wind

Round two of Christmas celebrations started on the weekend with the arrival of the Park family.  This will likely also be that last time that Kyla and I are able to split hosting duties and not have it feel that way because we are only a block apart.  Kinda sad.

This break has been a lot of everything that is good for me piled up and then drizzled in Nutella.   There was a lot of awesome, despite the sick and the cold. Actually, I'm not gonna lie- I love the cold.  It gave me a reason to stay home and relax....there were many books to be read and T.V shows to enjoy.  It has truly been restful and enjoyable.  I am noticing that I really take a break from the ordinary during holidays.  Willis is allowed to play Wii (normally he plays once a month or so).  I read until midnight or rent movies. I enjoy my workouts because they aren't rushed. I think I even play more with the kids.  It has been so nice to shut off my teacher brain and to just focus on our family.

So with that we start a new round of celebrations to bring in the new year.  That's what I love most about my family- regardless if we weren't together on Christmas, we still make a point of getting together and enjoying each other's company.
Cheers and a Happy New Year to you!

I hijacked Dad's camera to see what pictures they were taking yesterday afternoon ....