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Auld Lang Syne


I would call myself a thinker.  I like to process ideas before I lay out my arguments; before I get into heated discussions.  (Which rarely occur as I hate debating). It has taken the husband awhile to get used to this, but it's who I am.  I remember getting reprimanded in University for not joining in the discussions enough.  I probably come off as bored and uninterested, when really I'm busy thinking and analyzing.  I find that reflecting and recalling help me appreciate my world that much more and understand the views of others.

In early December for the past 6 years, I've started my annual reflective piece on our year and it has quickly become one of my favourite (and most tedious) Christmas preparations.  I laugh while sifting through the hours of video files from the year, I tear up when I come across something extra special and I even break down into an ugly cry when I find something precious.  It's a long, emotionally draining and so very rewarding process.  I think I probably put close to 20 hours into the making of this type of video.  But its a good 20 hours.  Because I get to learn new editing techniques while thinking about the wonderful people around me and all the while, I am filled with so much joy.  

So this is our year.  2012.  A year that was beautiful and sad in so many ways.  I found it hard putting the final pieces of this together this past weekend while so much heartbreakingly ugly stuff was happening in the world to beautiful, innocent children and their teachers.  
In the end, this video making process became a prayer for me.  A prayer for a more peaceful world for our children to grow up in.  A prayer of gratitude for the wonderful year we were blessed with and a wish that everyone may find peace, joy and love in their lives.

Our 2012

2012 in review from Dee on Vimeo.

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