3 purple lies

A haze of shortbread memories

I wish it wasn't way past my bedtime as I write this and I had time to do my Christmas memories justice....but all I remember is a haze of shortbread and then it hit me....the Christmas flu.  I was down and out for the entire day on Christmas day- I haven't slept that much in ages.  I'm not gonna lie- that part of it was great.  But the sick and the hurt and the.....ya. That sucked.
I'm slowly getting better and even got a night out tonight to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary with my hubby...thanks to the Chris, Josh and Marina's babysitting talents.  Very grateful for the night with my man.
But mostly I'm grateful for time with loved ones because that's what I love most. Oh, well that and sleep, which is calling. So here are some pictures of Christmas #1 instead.   Christmas #2 commences tomorrow.

Lucia entertained herself for a good 45 minutes, chatting it up with the Mario characters

Christmas Day supper

A visit from Santa Claus (Mike)

Willis was so excited he could not sit still

The last visit from our Elf, Tic Tac Toe and the letter Willis wrote all by himself for Santa. He's very phonetic right now.

Crazy Tic Tac Toe

She loves her Daddy

Sick me and sleepy Josh

Christmas morning

Our other house elf, Josh, waiting patiently to open presents

Christmas Eve appetizers.....the one where I actually made an appearance