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Finding a second wind

Round two of Christmas celebrations started on the weekend with the arrival of the Park family.  This will likely also be that last time that Kyla and I are able to split hosting duties and not have it feel that way because we are only a block apart.  Kinda sad.

This break has been a lot of everything that is good for me piled up and then drizzled in Nutella.   There was a lot of awesome, despite the sick and the cold. Actually, I'm not gonna lie- I love the cold.  It gave me a reason to stay home and relax....there were many books to be read and T.V shows to enjoy.  It has truly been restful and enjoyable.  I am noticing that I really take a break from the ordinary during holidays.  Willis is allowed to play Wii (normally he plays once a month or so).  I read until midnight or rent movies. I enjoy my workouts because they aren't rushed. I think I even play more with the kids.  It has been so nice to shut off my teacher brain and to just focus on our family.

So with that we s…

A haze of shortbread memories

I wish it wasn't way past my bedtime as I write this and I had time to do my Christmas memories justice....but all I remember is a haze of shortbread and then it hit me....the Christmas flu.  I was down and out for the entire day on Christmas day- I haven't slept that much in ages.  I'm not gonna lie- that part of it was great.  But the sick and the hurt and the.....ya. That sucked.
I'm slowly getting better and even got a night out tonight to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary with my hubby...thanks to the Chris, Josh and Marina's babysitting talents.  Very grateful for the night with my man.
But mostly I'm grateful for time with loved ones because that's what I love most. Oh, well that and sleep, which is calling. So here are some pictures of Christmas #1 instead.   Christmas #2 commences tomorrow.

My Christmas Carol

I love Christmas movies and have slowly been watching one a night for the past couple weeks.  My favourite right now is always Love Actually, but I also really love Scrooged.
Which got me thinking....
If the ghost of Christmas past would come and visit me tonight, I'm sure this is what he'd show me: 
Many great memories that created a wealth of traditions to be passed on and shared with others.  Whether it's with friends or family, we all recognize that time is meant to be spent with the special people in our lives and I'm happy that this is something that started many, many years ago.

Now the ghost of Christmas present would show me how these traditions have made a difference in my life.  I've found that I've really missed my Grandma Diehl during this holiday season.  She really is a huge reason in why I love Christmas so much. I was missing her so much that I had to put together a video so I could see her, hear her and feel her in my life again.  This is what I s…

The last day of Christmas....

I really feel blessed to work in a Catholic school, especially during the Christmas season.  We have daily morning prayers around our advent candle- which is a different way to get a little bit closer with the students. I am also lucky this year to have two great groups that I have grown to love.

Christmas is busy in a school: hampers and concerts and exams and cramming things in before the rush to finals after the break.  It's so easy to get caught up in all the extras that we can lose sight of the reason of our celebrations.  I was perfectly reminded of this by a lovely post from my good friend, Alynne. Alynne will surprise you with sly humour one minute, sincere and genuine thoughtful texts the next or a profound post that you've been trying the say, but couldn't find the words.  That's what I love about her.

Anyway, my point is that at school we also need to remember to celebrate our achievements and tomorrow is going to be that day for me....
My second and third …

Creating that Christmas feel

For the first time in forever, we won't be returning to our stomping grounds for Christmas.  Instead, we will be hosting both families in different weekends of celebrations this Christmas.  There is a part of me that is really sad with this change but then there is also a side who can't wait to be able to have a little more control over the holiday plans.

We went home this past weekend and everything felt like Christmas there, but then again, that is what we have become accustomed to.

Lucia was obsessed with the nativity scene and most notably, baby Jesus.  She carried him around everywhere.  Baby Jesus has an owie.  Baby Jesus is fat, mommy?

I love that we have created so many memories in our parents' home.  This year is now for creating memories in our own home and I'm spending the week putting together ideas of what it's going to look like chez nous next week.

I had a great conversation with Christy the other day about their holiday traditions at home.  I'…

Auld Lang Syne


I would call myself a thinker.  I like to process ideas before I lay out my arguments; before I get into heated discussions.  (Which rarely occur as I hate debating). It has taken the husband awhile to get used to this, but it's who I am.  I remember getting reprimanded in University for not joining in the discussions enough.  I probably come off as bored and uninterested, when really I'm busy thinking and analyzing.  I find that reflecting and recalling help me appreciate my world that much more and understand the views of others.

In early December for the past 6 years, I've started my annual reflective piece on our year and it has quickly become one of my favourite (and most tedious) Christmas preparations.  I laugh while sifting through the hours of video files from the year, I tear up when I come across something extra special and I even break down into an ugly cry when I find something precious.  It's a long, emotionally draining and so very rewarding pr…

Tidings of Joy

We've definitely had some great moments in the past couple weeks to create some lasting memories.  There have been some great suppers with friends and family, entertaining skatedates and my favourite: craft and cuddle time with the kids.  That's what Christmas is all about for me.  Well that and being a kid again and watching the movies and organizing events and being cuddly by the Christmas love list could go on and on.
I think you get the picture.
Literally.  Cause there they are.

Willis had his Christmas concert last night.  He's been practicing his songs randomly this week and as far as I can tell he knows none of the words, minus maybe one or two.  It was cute to watch him up on stage and even more entertaining was watching Lucia cheer on her big brother...and then sprint out into center stage.  Yup, she's not that shy.

Have a fantastic weekend!


We've been working hard at creating traditions so that the kids will have great memories of Christmas and their time with family.  I guess that is what really makes Christmas exciting for me; being able to live that joy through them and be the author of their memories.
One of our favourite places to congregate is around the island for baking.  Last week the kids made cake pops and we've been randomly distributing them people to bring some cheer.
I also love cake pops because I freeze them individually and then can have an easy, small snack if the craving    for something sweet happens (which is most always does).
We do have many sweets that are typical to Christmas, but we won't be working on those until next week when we prep for the real deal.

Another nice thing about holiday baking is that it brings back so many awesome memories and during a time when I seem to be missing my Grandma so much more, those memories are so precious.  I took out her cookbook this week and d…