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Willis, le capitaine

Willis has been on countdown mode ever since he found out that yesterday was his day as the class "capitaine".  He is beyond excited to be able to bring a show and tell, lead the class in the lineup, have a special capitaine chair and who knows what else.  Actually, I'm pretty sure I know ALL about it now as he hasn't stopped yacking.
So we did some major brainstorming for an appropriate and interesting item he could bring for show and tell....
his DS? No way.
Lego? Would likely break.
his blue blanket? Bahahaha, as if.
his dogs? not happening

Finally we came up with an idea of doing a video that would showcase who Willis is.  I had to keep in mind the attention span of kindergartens (which is oddly much like my grade 9s) and with Willis' help, he chose the video clips and the song and voila we have ourselves a piece for show and tell.


Willis capitaine from Dee on Vimeo.


  1. This is some serious Super Mom work! Fabulous idea. I love the clips where Willis is dancing on your bed at the end. Love that Dan is cracking up :-)

  2. I agree with Jordan!! SUPER MOM.... your kids are soo lucky!!


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