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When things work.

Some things in life need to be celebrated and sometimes I find myself overlooking these moments because I'm too focused on my "must dos" or "needs to be improved".  This week I'm looking to change that.
Here are some moments from our week that I think deserve recognition, celebration or a high five in the very least:

Dan: Shaved off his moustache. Enough said.

Lucia: Got her very first, legit hair cut and was a perfect princess in every way.

Willis: Passed his "whale" swimming lessons with flying colours and not only that, gets to move on to level 3, skipping 3 whole levels!  That pool just paid for itself right there.

Me: Staying on a good menu making and workouting regime.  I make my weekly menus on Saturdays, do the grocery shopping on the weekends and have a variety of healthy meals all week so I'm not scrambling.  This is giving me the time to feel organized so I can get that workout in.  An added bonus.

What will you be celebrating this weekend?


  1. Lucia looks so cute! Love the bangs swept to the side.

    Way to go Willis! He is part fish!

    Dan, I am disappointed.

    I am going to celebrate having almost all of Christmas shopping done!

  2. does Lucia have sparkles in her bangs? fantastic! congrats to Willis, and boo to Dan. Kevin still has the mustache, 1 more week!


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