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This week I was overwhelmed with a sense of nostalgia, which I think mostly came from spending a lot of time thinking about my Grandma Diehl and missing her. Maybe it was the quiet nights with husband out of town, giving me plenty of time to think, or perhaps it was the presence of the Christmas tree which becomes so symbolic of everything she valued in life.  A Christmas tree that stayed up year round and definitely forged a love a Christmas in this little girl's soul.

I got very close to making her memory video, but decided I needed more than a 2 hour chunk of time to devote to that in one sitting.  It'll come.  So instead I decided to dig through my recipe drawer and find something to bring her back via my senses.  What better way than with a recipe that was one of my favourites at her house: pizza buns.  This recipe is one of my most cherished possessions as it is scribbled on a note pad by her hand.

I then decided to take this one step further and serve my Grandma Diehl's pizza bun recipe on my Grandma Park's buns.   Growing up in the Park household, Grandma's buns were a staple.  So delicious.  Now, I have never made buns before. Shocker.  I guess I had to start sometime, so what better way than under the tutelage of Grams.  Over a couple of phone calls with her, I gathered enough directives to give me some confidence to start this daunting task on my own.  I managed to produce a dozen buns that looked nowhere close to as good as hers, were way too dense and much to big.  The kids liked them though, so I get effort points, no?  Hmmmmm.....we'll be needing some more practice and I need to work on being more patient.  No surprise there.  Luckily for me, Grams is super patient.

There are so many ways to bring back precious memories and I know that by tasting that pizza bun recipe, it brought back a part of my Grandma that I was missing so much.  I could almost see her pitter pattering around the kitchen in her apron, moccasins, navy pants and white top.  I could almost smell the soft scent of lotion on her smooth skin.   It really made me think about how very important traditions and relationships are with people and that even when they're gone-there are sweet memories left behind.

This gives me motivation to work super hard on my Christmas plans and tradition creating.  What better way than to kick it off the Christmas season than at Sun Dog this weekend.  Come say hi to the Simairs at their Crystalline booth!  I'm sure we'll be around there somewhere.

Have a super weekend.

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