Comforting things

The kids.

There is a huge difference in my kids' behaviour when they are getting attention and when they aren't.  Same goes with my husband, but that's tomorrow's post.
I think the best yes that I said this week was to my kids.  The phone, the cleaning, the computer work went away and I focused on being present in every moment with them.  Whether it was toboganning, curling up on the couch watching Cinderella, doing crafts or turning them into mini-models for a photo shoot: the kids were the centre of my world, and rightfully so.
I find it so easy to get caught up in the craziness of life and it's usually at those moments when I'm the most frustrated or the easiest to irritate. But when I took the time to brush aside everything else except for those little munchkins, I found them easier to deal with.  I had more energy to give them and we all know how much energy, I mean patience, parenting needs.
I may have brought back some technology into my world (more on that later this week) but I will continue to mindfully parent without distractions, or without searching out distractions.  I will focus on bringing positive energy to my relationships with my children so that they can feel listened to, loved, close to me and worthy of my time.  I have realized that by finding my inner child who loves to play and build and seek and question, I have found the most joy this past week.
Other things that bring me joy?  Pictures of cute kids.  And chocolate: