3 purple lies

The day I saw them all

When I looked at my schedule on Sunday a part of me sighed. A busy day.  3 events, only 2 that I'd be attending which was enough to make me just want to stay home and cuddle on the couch.  But then I remembered just what these events were:  a breakfast date and a birthday party, all with my favourite friends.  I'm glad I went out because save for a few missing ladies, I managed to see all my favourite girls in one day.  What a great feeling!
In a conversation with Kerri in the am, over colourful waffles and coffee, she hit the feeling right on.  She said that the reason her and Chris choose to hang out with us is because she knows we'll take care of them when they're older.
Now this may come out of context (we were laughing at an upcoming birthday of hers) but I think she was so right.  The girls that I surround myself with are kinda like life partners; some of them may even survive the husbands.
You were right, Kerri (must be the age?).....we should pick our friends wisely as they likely will be the ones keeping us entertained when the kids have left and we're all retired.
Well played, friend, well played.
And now for some pics of the festivities.


  1. Well said Kerri and well summarized, Deena! I think it is definitely Kerri's age ;-)


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