Comforting things


There seem to be a lot of people who don't really understand my need to turn everything off and take a break.  To say no.  To re-evaluate.  To chill.
Then again, there are a lot of people that do get it and maybe see the need to take some time themselves.

My week off of everything was just what I wanted and what I needed and I probably could have, should have, would have gone longer.  No blogs, minimal computer time, barely any T.V, limited Cel use. It was awesome.  And if you watched the little video with my last post, you'd understand my why.  Because in the mess of everything, it just seemed that I was losing track of what I had said yes to in my life.  I was filling my life up with all these little things that I had no room left for the most important stuff.

So this week will be a week dedicated to the moments and the things I said yes to, which in turn have rejuvenated me and helped me find that fire deep within me.  I'm going to start with the biggest thing that I said yes to: silence.  This was actually brought on by a great discussion I had with my grade nines about the noise in our life (which was fueled by the video I have added in the post).  So I thought, why not eliminate the noise in mine to see if I can get closer to that peaceful feeling.

Did it work?  It sure did.
I made a point of not driving with music or the radio.
I took more time for prayer.
I spent more time thinking through my thoughts before I acted on them.

It was great and in the end I think it gave me a greater appreciation of the simple things in life: the sound of my children's giggles or when they first call for me in the morning, the voices of the students in my class or the conversation with my husband, friends and family.  

There are definitely hidden treasures in silence.