Comforting things

Preparing for the season

I love Christmas, the whole Christmas season....
Wait- I think I've read the Grinch too many times this week already.  Why is it that when I read the book I must take on the diction of the movie as well?
Christmas prep for me this year seems to have started earlier than normal.  Usually I wait until advent which is typically the beginning of December.  Not gonna lie, this year the boxes were out much earlier and the music was blaring.  But that's okay, I don't mind doing the prepping before the actual advent season itself hits, that way I find in a way that I enjoy December much more.  Less worrying about getting this and buying that and presents for this person or that.  My goal this year is to be done my present shopping by the end of this week so that once December hits, I can sit back, relax and really prepare my heart for Christmas.
Christmas to me is about many things, but most importantly its about love, peace and family.

Yes, our tree is up and the tunes have been on for probably 2 weeks now, but this weekend we'll really focus on welcoming our family's favourite holiday season.  We'll decorate the tree, we'll start our advent calendars, we'll wrap presents, we'll see the return of our holiday elf, Tic Tac Toe and enjoy all the goodness that can be found in preparing for Christmas.