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Powered down

All things are pointing towards a power down break for me.  I'm at the point of being so overwhelmed by everything that's happening in life that I really feel like I need a break and because we're not about to hop a plan to Miami any day soon, I'm going to take things into my own hands.
I'm going to get back to the basics, like in any sport, right?  Play the game and keep it simple to get the job done.  I need to focus on the essence in my life.  On what I've said "yes" to.  I'm tired of feeling like I never have enough time and am constantly rushing through life.
Here is my game plan:
For the next week, I will:
1) Leave my cell phone in my purse and only look at it in the morning, after work and before bed.  Now this might be difficult because we don't have a landline, so obviously if someone calls me, I'll answer it.  Texting will also be minimal.  My point is that I won't be checking Facebook, Pinterest, the weather, the Blue Jays news or anything I randomly do when I have a few minutes.  Those minutes instead will be given to my family.
2) Cut my "screen time" down significantly.  I'm very aware of this life sucker, especially in my kids and if I'm not letting them have more than 15 minutes of screen time a day, then I need model that myself.  For me that means not playing on the iPad, not wasting time at night on the computer (which means I'm also taking a break from blogging, video editing and photo editing) and not watching any T.V during the week.  I'll make an exception for a couple things: movie night on the weekend with my kids, one T.V date night with my husband and any running I do on the treadmill.  Running doesn't happen unless I have a diversion.

There are many things I can cut back on, but this week I'm going to be focusing on saying no to anything that is pulling me away from what is truly important in my life: my family and friends.  So enjoy your week and if you get a chance, take a look at this short video that gave me the idea.

See you in a week.


  1. I love the Nooma videos with Rob Bell. We looked at a number of them with our Bible study group years ago. They have a great, quick message that is very thought provoking.

    I haven't seen this one before, thanks for sharing :)


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